No giant cobra captured in Loboc-police

By Bohol Island News Staff / 01:05 PM October 22, 2019

Photos of a giant cobra supposedly captured in Loboc town became viral hours since it was posted on Monday.

A man shared in his Facebook account a photo of a giant banacon (Philippine cobra) which is inside the cage.

“Banacon sa loboc… Na dakpan najud… Labi makoa naman kaayo diay ni… Baga na kaayog panit… ”Philippine snake ” 🐍,” he wrote on his caption.

His post has been shared 5,500 times and gained 507 comments as of 12 noon on Tuesday, October 22.

However, Loboc Police Station belied the post saying there was no reported incident of residents capturing a giant snake in the town.

“It’s fake news,” said Police Master Sergeant Glenn Alvin Gam.

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A news website in Thailand reported a giant cobra with similar photos of the cobra allegedly caught in Loboc.

Last month, two men from Alicia town were brought to hospital after bitten by a cobra locally known as “ugahipon”.

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Banakon, the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), is the world’s longest venomous snake.

Endemic to forests from India through Southeast Asia, it is threatened by habitat destruction and has been listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 2010.

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