SSS gives 15-day ultimatum to 7 erring establishments

By Rey Anthony Chiu |07:42 PM June 05, 2023

Within fifteen days, employers and business owners whose establishments Social Security Systems (SSS) visited land Friday, would have to visit the local SSS office and settle their delinquencies, or they could get entangled in hassling legal action which could cause the closure of business and stiff penalties including jail time.

This as the SSS, led by Vice President for the Visayas Atty Alberto Montalbo, Atty. Marco Antonio Pacoli of the SSS legal department, Bohol SSS Field Office Head Engr. Alieta Basubas, Assistant Head Dioscoro Madanguit and account officers comprising the Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) Team raced to at least seven erring establishments to deliver the order to comply, or face the wrath of the law.

Swooped in and warned of their issues with the law are a carwashing center along JA Clarin Street, a food stall in Hangout food park, a food catering business with an office along CPG avenue, a food stall within the Bohol Quality Food Plaza, an optical shop within a mini-mall, a lechon belly facility along Gallares Street and a massage and spa center along CPG avenue.

Montalbo said these are not the only ones cot complaint with the law on registration and contribution remittances, in fact there are also some due for SSS RACE team visit elsewhere in Bohol. However, Tagbilaran City, being the economic center, considering the number of establishments, top the list.

Everything that we do here is in line with protecting the interest of the workers and employees, he said, when registered on the first day of work, would earn the seven benefits as with other regular SSS members enjoy.

Once a member, always a member, unlike insurance coverages that expire annually and cooperative memberships that could only generally cover until you are a member, SSS authorities impress.

With a contribution which is much less than an insurance premium, SSS members so not only get accident insurance which is common, but also includes sickness, disability, maternity, retirement, death, funeral, and one can even avail of salary loans and employees compensation, Atty Montalbo stressed during a mini presscon after the RACE operations.

The operations also confirmed to employers their number of employees and their years of operation to calculate the years of delinquency.

And within 15 days after the visit, employers must settle, or pick a payment agreement that may fit the company’s capability.

The SSS still offers contribution payment condonation if these fall within the periods specified in the condonation program, or an easy installment payment program, Engr. Basubas added.

For the seven establishments alone, the government is deprived of some P193,127 which should have been the additional benefits SSS members can avail in their times of distress.

Without the employers reporting or remitting employee contribution, a worker can not avail of the benefits, which could compensate an employee meeting an accident while on his way to work, at work or on the way home after work.

He could also claim a part of his daily pay, while he is recuperating in a hospital, or leaves death benefits to survivors in case of death, and funeral benefits, if he doesn’t get lucky. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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