SSS gives 15-day ultimatum to 7 erring establishments

Within fifteen days, employers and business owners whose establishments Social Security Systems (SSS) visited land Friday, would have to visit the local SSS office and settle their delinquencies, or they could get entangled in hassling legal action which could cause the closure of business and stiff penalties including jail time.

15 LGUs now with workers social protection under SSS

At least 14 municipal governments and one barangay in Bohol have bravely innovated, their local treasuries accommodating for an extra task: collecting and remitting social security contributions of their casual workers and providing coverage for the blood of their operations.

SSS RACE rebranded, dangles ‘fix plans’ to erring employers

Contributions of about 30 employees totaling a million pesos in potential Social Security System (SSS) in benefits could have been a great help for their families who are recovering from the pandemic, but employers from 7 establishments in Tubigon and Calape failed to remit or report these, causing a visit by SSS leaders here.

SSS branches in Bohol, Cebu implement number coding and drop box system

In the interest of public health and safety for all SSS members, and to ensure compliance to the IATF directive to strictly implement physical distancing in all public and private establishments, SSS branches in Cebu and Bohol provinces which were already declared under General Community Quarantine will implement the Number Coding System for all transactions starting May 18, 2020.