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The legal wife in viral issue of “girl bestfriend feeling asawa” was out of the hospital after admitted for two days.

A source told Bohol Island News that on Wednesday, the doctor of Jorryme Lorono- Vodisek allowed her to go home after she felt better.

Jorryme was rushed to a local hospital in Tagbilaran on Monday afternoon. She was taken to the Emergency Room (ER) after not eating for a week about her broke up with her husband Ales Vodisek.

She was kept in the ER for a few hours and she was admitted for “dehydration.”

The source told Bohol Island News that after she was out of the hospital, she went to see a psychologist for help.

A crew from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA 7 also interviewed her.

“She felt relieved after her talk with the psychologist,” a source exclusively told Bohol Island News.

Jorryme and Afam’s wedding went popular on social media after the groom’s closest buddy, Shaira Mae Boyonas, disguised as the bride.

Jorryme allegedly accused Shaira the “best friend” of her husband for ruining her “dream wedding”.

The wedding photo went viral after netizens recognized Ales holding the waist of her closest friend, Shaira, in the group image.

The bride’s photographs showed the uncommon intimacy of her husband and female best friend.

In a Facebook post, Shaira said Ales was her bestfriend. The way she behaved during the wedding because it was the photographer’s order, she added.

“As a friend, I only did my part, like during their wedding and the pictures you see that we are even sweeter, that’s what the photographer ordered me. That’s all we did and nothing else,” said Shaira Mae in a local dialect.

She also asked the public not to involve her son in the issue.

In a Facebook post by Ales, he refuted what Jorryme said. He said that they were just lies.

“This is to clarify the issue about us. Only one thing I will say. I did not distance myself from jorryme because of Shaira. I distance myself because of other reasons. Everything on Facebook what jorryme is posting is all lies,” said Ales on a Facebook post.

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