Viral ‘bride’s bestfriend’: ‘That’s all we did, nothing else’

By Marisol Bo-oc | 07:48 PM August 28, 2022

Shaira Mae Boyonas, the so-called “girl best friend” and alleged “second” wife of her bestfriend’s husband defended herself.

In a video posted by Aldrin Palaca (Pnp Beatbox King), Shaira expressed her side against the accusation by Jorryme Vodisek, Ales Vodisek’s wife, that she allegedly ruined her “dream wedding” and she became reason for a divorce.

Shaira said Ales was her bestfriend. The way she behaved during the wedding because it was the photographer’s order, she added.

“As a friend, I only did my part, like during their wedding and the pictures you see that we are even sweeter, that’s what the photographer ordered me. That’s all we did and nothing else,” said Shaira Mae in a local dialect.

She also asked the public not to involve her son in the issue. Others may judge her but not her child who is still a baby.

She also insisted that others should not be biased and learn to listen to his side as well.

“Because we have different opinions, you have your own Facebook account and I have one too. You have your privacy and whatever you want to do, but I hope you listen to both sides, not just one because even God knows that I did everything from the beginning,” said Shaira.

It can be recalled that in a Facebook post, Jorryme shared Shaira’s alleged strange behavior and treatment with Ales.

Jorryme further shared that on the night after their wedding, when they were supposed to be on their honeymoon, Shaira was taken care of by Ales because she was said to be comforting.

“I also became a girl’s best friend, but I never pretended to be a wife,” said Jorryme. “Dream wedding that turned into a worst nightmare (Dream wedding that turned into a worst nightmare),” she added.

Because of this, Jorryme said that she was the only one left.

“Hi dzaii SHAIRA MAE BOYONAS since gi block man ko nimo dre ta maglantugi ha wala nakoy labot kung asa ta mag abot i will fight for my right. Pero karun wa na gyud ko kabalo unsay buhaton mamatay kog sayo ug dli ni nako mapagawas akong gibati . Nganong ingon ana mo ka heartless mn? Hangtud kanus a ko mag adjust ninyong duha???? Diba gasabot nata nga mudistansya naka niya? GASABOT NATA DIBA? UNSAY GBUHAT NMO AKO RAY GIBLOCK NMO PARA D NAKO MAGSAMOK2 NIMO.. Bag- o na diay ang kalibutan karun? ang ASAWA nay mag adjust sa BESTFRIEND?? Wa nakoy labot ug maulawan tang tanan. GUSTO MN DIAY MO MUSIKAT TABANGAN TA MO PARA MADALI. IMOON NG AKONG BANA UG GUSTO KA. Pag uban mong duha pareha mog utok,” Jorryme in a post that contained screenshots of their conversation with Shaira.

(Hi dzaii SHAIRA MAE BOYONAS since you’re already in love with me, let’s talk here. I don’t care how far we go, I will fight for my right. But now, I don’t really know what to do, I will die early if I can’t express my feelings.

Why are you so heartless? How long will I adjust for you two? ‘Didn’t we talk about you distancing yourself from him? WE’RE ALREADY TALKING, RIGHT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING, I’M JUST YOUR BLINOCK SO YOU CAN’T DISTURB US. Is the world upside down now?)

In a Facebook post by Ales, he refuted what Jorryme said. He said that they were just lies.

“This is to clarify the issue about us. Only one thing I will say. I did not distance myself from jorryme because of Shaira. I distance myself because of other reasons. Everything on Facebook what jorryme is posting is all lies,” said Ales on a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, Shaira also encouraged people to stop posting memes and videos.

She said a dummy account was created on Facebook to ruin her.

“I am not a scandalous person,” she said.

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