‘Leni The Babaylan’ goes viral

By Marisol Bo-oc | 05:07 PM November 19, 2021

dai.zuh’s “Leni The Babaylan” mural art Maribojoc town went viral when she posted on Facebook.

Vice President and presidentiable Leni Robredo was depicted as a “babaylan” (priestess).

“In pre-colonial Filipino tradition, Babaylan women serve as intermediaries between spiritual and material worlds in their communities. Their leadership roles are multi-fold: warrior, healer, priestess and sage,” dai.zuh said.

She said babaylans listen to the community and lead through a deep understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life forms. To this day, many babaylans remain politically active in advocacy, activism and working for justice in their communities.

“In 2022, we call on you to vote for a leader who embodies the spirit of our pre-colonial Babaylans. We call on you to vote for someone who has continually proven her competence and sincerity to public service, her commitment to the Filipino despite the trolls and attacks thrown in her way, her “husay at tibay, ” she said.

” In 2022, vote for the truth, for democracy, for real leadership and public service. Kung Babalyan ang lider natin dati, Babae lamang din ang ating dapat gawing presidente sa 2022. Maria Leonor Gerona-Robredo — our bise-presidente, and our Busy-Presidente,” she said.

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