By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:32 PM November 13, 2021

To date, there are only two towns in Bohol which registers double digits of active coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, deaths by the viral infection have slowed to one per day from a staggering 6 per day over a month ago and recovery has increased to 97% per 100 incidents.

This as Bohol notched its vaccination against Covid-19, accomplishment to 27.68% as of November 10, 2021.

As of 3:14MP Saturday, November 13, only Tagbilaran City and Cortes town registered 32 and 11 active Covid cases for the day’s total of 122 active cases, data from the Emergency Operations Center showed.

And based on the list of death cases since last week, November 5, 2021, from 561 then, the number increased to 567 or some six more deaths in a week’s time.

From October 12 to November 12, or in a month’s time, Bohol averaged 1.8 deaths in a day, some .8 percent higher than the weeks average.

Based on the data provided by the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging infectious Diseases like Covid, they said 266,340 Boholanos have received the complete two-doses of the vaccine that would allow the body to detect the entry of the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, the corona viral strain.

The figure is still, 27.86% of the 961,871 individuals targeted for inoculations in the Bohol master list.

According to the health experts at the Department of Health, to be able to achieve herd immunity from Covid, a community should, at least get to vaccinate 70% of its total population, so that once these people are protected, the virus will have no one to cling to and trigger infections.

However, the provided master list by the EOC is still a tad too short for the 70% of the total population in Bohol based on the recent census by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

According to the PSA, Bohol now has a population of 1,394,329.

Based on this data, the 70% of Bohol’s population should be 976,031, or some 14,160 short of the figure in the master list.

On the other hand, BIATF reports some 291,299 or 30% of the master listed individuals have been given their initial Covid vaccine shots.

While the herd immunity target is still too far to reach, BIATF spokesperson Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez said next top 70%, another target which should already manifest good results is 50% of the total population.

He said at 50% vaccination rate, the entire community should see a downtrend in infections and deaths, although it is still far from eliminating the threat.

At the current rates in Bohol, an indication of the 50% vaccination rate, is already showing despite the apparently smaller coverage as yet.

As to vaccine delivery update, Bohol has since received 856,912 vaccine doses from March 6 until this date.

Of the number, Bohol vaccination teams have dispensed 557,639 doses for a 65.07% utilization rate. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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