By Bohol Island News Staff | 08:11 PM December 7, 2019

The student who had reportedly been kidnapped in Jagna by unidentified men on board a black van admitted to police that he was fabricating the story.

In a statement, Jagna Police Station said that they received an alleged report of kidnapping incident involving a high school student who was forcibly abducted by unidentified persons using a color black van as a getaway vehicle.

The incident happened last December 3 but it was reported last Dec. 4.

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The student narrated that men, who were wearing masks, blindfolded him. The men offered to let him smell a perfume where he said he instantly passed out. When he woke up he was already in Carmen town.

He said he was thrown outside of the van.While roaming in Carmen, a man gave him P10 and he was able to visit his grandparents in Carmen.

His parents went to Jagna police to report the said incident.Jagna police created a special investigation team headed by Police Major Joseph Berondo, acting police chief of Jagna.

Upon investigation, they reviewed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage in Duero to check if a black van passed by there on Dec 3 at 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. based on the victim’s narration.But no black van was seen in the footage.

Berondo called the student to ask for further details.This time the student said the van was going to Tagbilaran.They reviewed the CCTV footage at Jagna Traffic Light on that date but still there was no black van seen heading to Tagbilaran.

This time, the student confessed in front of his family and the police that he fabricated all the stories.

He asked an apology for causing an alarm.

“Acting Chief of Police PMAJ JOSEPH PUYOD BERONDO, PSMS JILL RASONABE WCPD PNCO and MISS ALMA ACERA, MSWDO of this municipality conducted a thorough investigation such as gathering of information thru interview, acquiring digital evidences like CCTV footages and had located and identified the alleged vehicle used, but all were contradicting to victims’ testimony,” the statement said.

The alleged kidnapping caused panic and alarm in Jagna and neighboring towns.

“Therefore, this office strongly stand that this alleged kidnapping incident were baseless and untruthful,” the statement added.

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