Aris visits father’s tomb on All Souls Day

By Marisol Bo-oc| 07:09 PM November 02, 2023

Bohol Gov. Aris Aumentado visited the resting place of his father, the late Governor Erico Aumentado at the Victoria Memorial Park, on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 2.

A photo from Facebook showed the governor praying in front of his father’s tomb.

Aris never missed any occasion in paying respect to the memories of his father as he always visits his father’s tomb and his brother’s.

In a Facebook post, Aris said “he embarked on a solemn journey to my father’s final resting place.”

“As the world adorned itself with costumes and carved pumpkins, I adorned his memory with love and remembrance. Amidst the haunting atmosphere, I stood by his grave, feeling a connection that transcends the realms of the living and the departed. In the midst of eerie beauty, I honored his legacy, whispering words of love, and finding solace in knowing that his spirit continues to dwell in my heart,” said Aris.

” As I contemplate the weight of responsibility ahead. With his spirit as my guiding light, As I lead Bohol as its governor, embracing his wisdom and vision. Honoring his legacy, I embark on this journey knowing his presence will be beside me every step of the way, ” he added.

He also asked for his father’s guidance.

” Papa Erico bisan toa na ka sa laing kalibutan ang imohang maayong binuhatan maoy nageya ka nako sa pag dumala sa Probinsya. Dili nako bulingan ang imohang pangalan ug protektahan nako ang imohang legasya na gibilin ka namo. Love you Papa Erico,” he said. With a report from Helen Castano

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