By Marisol Bo-oc | 05:09 PM December 31, 2022

A few hours from now we will welcome 2023.

Every one has its own ways to bring good luck while ringing in the coming year.

Many groups start the year off with good luck foods: beans, round foods and noodles are often high on the list, as well as some tasty desserts.

Feng Shui experts shared a few food items you can put on your Media Noche table to attract luck, prosperity, and togetherness in the coming year.

Long food to represent long life. Pancit, pasta ane misua.

Many believe that anyone who makes this dish of black-eyed peas, pork and rice on January 1 will experience luck and peace for the rest of the year.

Round food. Many cultures believe eating round foods on New Year’s Eve will lead to prosperity. Round-shaped food represents the wheel of life. Eat 12 grapes.
Yes, exactly 12, one at each stroke of midnight to represent each month of the New Year. Eating one grape at each of midnight’s 12 clock chimes guarantees you a lucky year .

While round fruits have long been popular, consider as well things like donuts, hopia, quezo de bola, and ensaymada, too.  

Kakanin. Or anything sticky, really, because sticky food symbolizes families that stick together. When eaten with family, it means you and your family will be closer than ever.

Seafood.  Seafood represents water, and in Feng Shui, water represents money and abundance. So have lots of seafood come midnight of December 31/January 1. Experts said to serve whole fish.

Green leafy vegetables. In Feng Shiu green is representative of wood. Make sure you have a salad there somewhere.

Jump into 2023. People “leap” into January at midnight to bring good luck and banish bad spirits.

Keep and windowns and door open. It’s a common superstition that opening the doors and windows will let the old year out, and the new year in unimpeded.

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