‘Mass hysteria’ hits San Jose NHS students in Talibon town

By Marisol Bo-oc | 01:08 PM September 15, 2023

Several high school students at San Jose National High School (SJNHS) in Talibon town in Bohol province were rushed to the hospital on Friday morning, Sept. 15, after complaining of fainting spells and difficulty in breathing.

The said students attended the Friday Holy Mass inside the school when they trembled and fainted. Some were displaying unusual strength. Later on they lost consciousness.

Teachers tried to help the unconscious students, but the latter reportedly started kicking and refused assistance.

Some residents claimed the students were
allegedly possessed by spirits.

A student said a “heavy” presence was hanging on to her, while another claimed that a “black figure” was attempting to enter her body.

The students were sent to Talibon hospital.

Classes were suspended.

Meanwhile, Talibon Mayor Janette Garcia asked the parents to get their children at school.

“Sa tanang ginikanan nga adunay syudyante sa San Jose National High School,palihog ko ug kuha sa inyong mga bata. Daghang Salamat,” she said in her Facebook.

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