Bol-anon Catholics gather on Palm Sunday to kick off Holy Week

By J. Jala | 06:29 PM April 10, 2022

Catholics gathered Sunday to kick off a Holy Week that begins with the blessing of palms and ends with Easter Sunday.

At St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral Shrine- Parish, Bishop Abet Uy presided over the palm blessing, a rite with roots in the origins of Christianity.

At the start of a solemn Mass, he sprinkled holy water on long, green palm fronds brought by the devotees.

The greenery commemorates an event in the final days of Jesus’ life: His procession into Jerusalem for Passover, when his followers covered the road with palm fronds.

“Nobody’s perfect. The only one that ever was, was crucufied,” said Bishop Abet Uy during his homily.

The prelate also encouraged parishioners not to sell their votes and pray before they vote on May 9.

“Sa matag higayun nga atong ibaylo sa kuwarta atong moral ug prinsipyi, sa matag higayun nga ibaylo sa materyal nga butang ang atong boto panahon sa piniliay mahisama kita kang Hudas nga tabla ra atong gipalansang og usab si Hesus,” Bishop Uy said.

In Bohol, Palm Sunday is locally known as “Bendita sa Lukay.”

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