Villamor: NMYL adopts its action agenda 2025

By Ric Obedencio | 10:58 AM June 03, 2023

The National Movement of Young Legislators (NMYL) Bohol chapter has officially adopted its Action Agenda 2025 and, in fact, it started to implement it by launching the charity work in medic and legal mission in Sagbayan town today.

Bohol NMYL president provincial Board Member Atty. Jamie Aumentado Villamor bared this during its provincial assembly held in Be Grand Hotel resort on June 1-3, 2023.

In her speech, Villamor stressed the role of the NMYL.

“The NMYL Bohol Action Agenda 2025 reinforces our motto which embodies our commitment to lead with mind and serve with heart. It further reaffirms the commitment of young Boholano leaders to be the catalyst of change and agents of progress towards ethical leadership and good governance,” she said.

With this in mind, NMYL envisions to throw support for the vision and mission of the provincial government with understanding of their important role.

She urged her fellow NMYL members to lead now, not tomorrow, for they’re already in the position to do so after they were elected in 2022.

She also urged her colleagues to make their voices heard to help those defenseless and marginalized in the society.

According to Bohol Poll which presented its opinion polling recently, fifty percent (50%) of self-rated Boholanos considered themselves poor. They need a monthly income of P20,000 to overcome poverty for those who considered themselves as poor and P15,000 monthly income for those who considered themselves not poor.

As this developed, NMYL Bohol has committed to perform the following: (1) to actively and collectively participate in local and national policy discourse and legislative processes to articulate and take stance on issues ensuring the general welfare of the Boholanos; and (2) to establish strong partnerships with private and public sectors, both in local and national levels for programs that will promote and strengthen Boholano local communities.

Also (3) to build a more resilient and sustainable future for Boholanos through crafting of legislations that call for economic self-sufficiency, disaster an climate risk reduction, cultural preservation; and (4) to organize a cadre of inspiring, talented and innovative young leaders that will continuously and consistently engage in key stakeholders to participate in the realization of NMY-Bohol Action Agenda 2025.

Villamor said that the NMYL-Bohol will always review the progress and effects of its action program by holding assemblies twice year.

NMYL-Bohol is composed of elected young lawmakers, vice-governors, provincial board members, vice-mayors, city and municipal councilors, president of the Sangguniang kabataan, who are aged 40 below. (rvo)

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