Shakey’s Pizza now open at Island City Mall Streatside

By PR | 07:03 PM July 18, 2023

One of the most popular pizza restaurants in the Philippines, Shakey’s Pizza opens its newest store on Tuesday, July 18.

Check out one of its bestsellers, the Manager’s Choice pizza, loaded with the meaty goodness of ham, beef, and Italian sausage with the zesty taste of green bell peppers and onions. Another everyone’s favorite is the Angus Burger pizza with its juicy beef patty bits, fresh tomatoes, crunchy onions, and whole cheese slices on top of the restaurant’s signature thin crust.

Of course, there’s also the classic Pepperoni pizza, which has generous amounts of pepperoni atop a perfectly cooked crust, providing simple yet sumptuous flavors with every bite. Get the massive 18-inch Grand Slam Pizza, divided into 4 flavors, for those groups who can’t settle for just one.

As thirst-quencher, you can get iced tea or soft drinks served in pitchers so everyone at the table can pour themselves a glass and wash it all down.

Shakey’s is more than just pizza and pasta. They also serve chicken and gravy over rice, chicken wings with onion rings, and double-decker cheeseburgers with fries.

It was in 1954 in Sacramento, California, when Shakey’s was founded by Ed Plummer and Sherwood Johnson. Johnson had suffered nerve damage after a bout of malaria during World War II, and earned the nickname “Shakey,” from which the restaurant’s name originated. Over the next decade, the pizza parlor spread throughout the USA with over 270 locations.

In the Philippines, it began under the ownership of San Miguel Corp. and the first branch was opened in Makati back in 1975. It quickly spread throughout Metro Manila, rising in popularity as a great place to hang out, eat good food, and listen to live music. To date, Shakey’s now has more than 300 company-owned and franchised stores nationwide

Visit now Shakey’s Pizza at the Streatside, just across Island City Mall, beside Kenny Rogers! Ariel Fullido

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