By Helen Castaño | 11:18 PM November 18, 2022

Rep. Alexie Besas-Tutor of Bohol’s 3rd district urged the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to complete its study on job orders, contracts of service personnel by January 2023.

“I ask the Civil Service Commission to expedite and complete its study on addressing the civil service contractualization issues affecting over 660 thousand contractual and job order personnel nationwide and local officials and staff in the government,” said Tutor,
the House chair on Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation.

She said CSC must complete their study by January 2023 so that the findings and recommendations can be considered when at least 11 bills on contractualization in government were approved in principle by the House Panel.

“It was very clear in the hearing of the House committee on civil service and professional regulation that our colleagues in Congress are adamant about ending endo in the national government and local government,” she said.

The budget implications of ending public sector contractualization will be partly addressed by regularizing those who have served for over five years and already have met most of the qualification standards, especially the educational and training components.

These vacant positions are budgeted every year in the annual appropriations. Keeping them unfilled distorts the national and local budgets.

In fact, the CSC will notice that many agencies and LGUs have not hired any new people to fill in the vacant regular plantilla positions.

“I suggest to the CSC that it take into consideration the Philippine Qualifications Framework Law (RA 10968). The equivalency approach should also be factored in because this can partly address educational requirements in the civil service qualification standards,” Tutor said.

Equivalency already exists as an established means to “substitute” years of experience and other factors.

” For decades now, equivalency has been one of the alternative means of CHED and DepEd to measure competence and learning. Equivalency can be used to credit years of experience, awards, training, and performance ratings. Equivalency should suffice to address the CSC fitness and merit standards, ” she said.

CSC should develop its equivalency system and align it to the equivalency systems of CHED and DepEd. Under a CSC equivalency system, the CSC should recognize the equivalency certifications issued by CHED and DepEd.

” I also suggest to the CSC that it take a firm stand on filling up all tens of thousands of vacant regular plantilla positions in government. There must be a clear and sustainable phased program to fill up all the vacant positions,” she said.

These vacant positions have become “milking cows” for the mid-year and year-end bonuses and incentives distributed among the regular government employees.

Tutor emphasized that some vacant positions are also being reserved for personnel nearing retirement. By keeping the vacant positions open, she said agencies and LGUs are also able to free up some funds for the hiring of consultants. These matters are a big part of the problem and a real obstacle to ending endo in government.

“These issues have cropped up time and again during the budget hearings including the hearings for the 2023 budget,” she said. “I ask the Commission on Higher Education and Department of Education to submit recommendations to Congress on how their equivalency programs, graduation from senior high school, and completion of junior high school can be applied so that JO/CS personnel can meet the college education qualifications.”

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