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At least 46 enrollees from the Center for Drug Education and Counselling (CeDEC) took part in an awarding ceremony for completing the Provincial Health Office-led program to rehabilitate drug addiction Monday, October 24, 2022, at the Ceremonial Hall, New Capitol Building, Tagbilaran City.

The graduates enrolled in the CeDEC program underwent several forms of education that transformed enrollees by improving their behavior, skills, health, and emotional wellness.

The CeDEC program hopes to help more lives by encouraging people who have been entangled in drugs to enroll in their recovery program.

During the awarding ceremony, the Chief of Staff of the Governor, Atty. Anthony “Jun” Amora expressed his gratitude to the graduates for enrolling in the rehabilitation program and hopes they maintain sobriety.

Amora, who represented on behalf of Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado, added that the Provincial Government of Bohol will continue to support CeDEC in its mission to rehabilitate drug-dependent individuals and transform their lives for the better.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Government of Bohol plans to create more drug-rehabilitation programs for drug-dependent individuals to help them assimilate into their communities after completing the drug rehabilitation program from the Center for Drug Education and Counselling (CeDEC).

According to the Chief of Staff of the Governor, Atty. Anthony “Jun” Amora, PGBh plans to collaborate with other government agencies, such as TESDA, to create skills training programs for former drug-dependent individuals.
During his speech at CeDEC’s 6th Awarding Ceremony for drug counseling enrollees, Amora spoke about addiction as a health and societal problem and emphasized the importance of a community-based approach in fighting against it. Amora mentioned the province’s need to emulate rehabilitation programs focusing on health recovery rather than punishment.

“Atong gipahigayon ni atong mga programa aron matabangan ang mga drug-dependent individuals nga makabalik sa katalingban. Kining drug addiction is not an individual problem but a community problem. Angay motuktok ani ang komunidad labot na ani ang kapulisan, ang health offices, ug ang gobyerno. Atong paningkamutan nga masolbad sa komunidad kining problema sa droga”, Amora said.

Amora acknowledged the stigma that former drug-dependent individuals face in looking for jobs and wants to create more opportunities for them to integrate into society. He added that PGBh plans to meet with other agencies to produce more livelihood programs where former drug dependents can provide income for their families.

Amora also mentioned the opportunity for CeDEC’s counseling program enrollees to be key speakers on the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, speaking at seminars on their experiences of drug addiction and recovery. (rvo/gc)

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