Capitol budget for 2023 sliced from P4.2B to P3.9B

By Ric Obedencio | 09:52 PM October 23, 2022

The annual budget of the provincial government of Bohol has been slashed to P3,919,489,619.00 for calendar year 2023 from this year’s P4,278,523,605.00 or a difference of P259,032,986.00, based on the proposed annual budget for next year.

The substantial reduction of the annual appropriation was prompted due to the decrease of the National Tax Allocation, formerly Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) from P3.3 billion this year to P2.8 billion for next year. This means the provincial government loses almost P500 million.

The reduction (14.%) of NTA is true to all local government units, barangay, town, city, and provinces, in the country, budget office said.

NTA’s share to the province is the biggest source of income, which accounts to 77% this year and down to 72% for next year.

The cause of the NTA cut is blamed on the low and poor tax collection by the national government due to the effects of pandemic that hit the country for two years, provincial budget officer Peter Retutal said in interview.

But the budget reduction would not hamper the province as it “shall implement austerity measures to ensure that operating costs are minimized and that programs, projects and activities are conducted effectively and efficiently at least cost.”

Sources of the budget estimates include: NTA, P2.824 billion; beginning balance, P237,825,661.00; real property tax, P65 million; tax on goods and services, P33,350,000.00; operating/miscellaneous revenues, P463,015,000.00; extra ordinary receipts, P31 million; other receipts, P69 million; Capital investment, P3 million; share from national wealth/PCSO lotto, P3,150,000.00; and reverted unexpended balances, P189,040,668.00.

Despite the budget cut, allocations for health care services in six of the 10 hospitals managed by the province have been increased based on the proposed executive budget.

Carmen hospital’s allocation for next years has been jacked up to P97,688,357 from this year’s P91,900,201; Jagna, P133,972,000 from P128,005,275; Loon, P68,202,597 from P64,650,596; Maribojoc, P40,563,536.55; Inabanga, P54,398,677.75; and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, P43,354,363.76 from P42,707,475.00.

Other hospitals have decreased their respective budgets: Talibon provincial hospital, P220,000,000 (for 2023) from P229,689,396 this year; Catigbian, P66,018,000 from P70,150,517; Clarin, P47,642,422 from P49,170,207; and Candijay, P45,898,889 from P47,087,330.00.

Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Hospital in Pres. C.P.G.; Clarin Community Hospital, Maribojoc Community Hospital, Candijay Community Hospital, Francisco Dagohoy Memorial Hospital in Inabanga; Catigbian District Hospital; Cong. Natalio P. Castillo Sr. Memorial Hospital in Loon; Cong. Teodoro B. Galagar District Hospital in Jagna; Cong. Simeon Toribio Memorial Hospital in Carmen; and Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital in Talibon, Bohol are the hospitals run by the province.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s appropriation committee chaired by Vice-Gov. Victor Balite is expected to hold marathon budget hearings on the individual office proposed appropriation in the coming days after the submission of the executive proposed budget. Every office is to defend its own budget in the said hearing in aid of legislation. (rvo)

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