Jojo and Marisa’s love story: True love goes deeper than physical attraction


True love goes deeper than physical attraction.

Sunday’s segment of the toprating magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) featured the love story of couple Josenito “Jojo” Cero and Marisa Maisog of Bilar, Bohol.

Jojo, 33, who works as graphic art designer at Bohol Island State University(BISU)-Bilar Campus, met Marisa who colors his life.

Jojo, whose eyes sinking downwards and his face partially deformed, is not your regular prince charming.

Jojo is well aware that he is far from anyone’s dream guy because of his appearance.

“Minsan pinagtatawanan ako ng mga tao, yung mga hindi nakakakilala sa akin. Nasasaktan ako minsan, pero hindi ko na lang pinapansin. Si Lord na po ang bahala sa kanila. Basta wala akong ginagawang masama sa kanila, (Sometimes, strangers make fun of me. Their words are painful but I’d rather not listen to them. I leave everything to God. I’m not doing anything bad.) ” he said during the interview on KMJS.

According to KMJS, Jojo is diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is caused by a mutation in the genes as a fetus. His cheeks and jaw are deformed, and so is his ear, leaving only a hole through which he can hear with difficulty.

Another one of the complications of his disorder is his cleft palate, which makes it difficult for him to speak.

Jojo grew up a loner because of his situation.

He found solace and solitudw in a form of art he’d prove to be exceptionally good at: drawing.

Jojo finds solace in his artworks. PHOTO VIA  JOJO CERO FACEBOOK

Antonina, Jojo’s mother, said this built up Jojo’s self-esteem.

“Baka it’s God’s will. (Maybe, it’s God’s will). I’m very proud of Jojo because of his talents,” she said.

Like any other artist, Jojo needed inspiration for his art. Usually he draws portraits and landscapes of Bohol.

But eventually he found a muse in Cheche, not her real name but it turned out Cheche was using him as a pet project.

Real love goes way beyond physical attraction.  PHOTO VIA  MARIS MAISOG-CERO FACEBOOK

The incident only served to drive Jojo further into solitude. He focused on his studies, finishing his degree in Computer Science and eventually becoming his school’s resident artist. He is one of two artists who designed his university’s logo.

Little did Jojo know that there was someone who admired him from afar.

Marisa, a student at the school, liked him at their first meeting, as Jojo remained oblivious.

She was the one who made the first move and added him in Facebook.

“Ang gusto ko kay Marisa friendly siya. Masayahing babae. Gumaan ang loob ko sa kanya. Siya ay mabuting babae. Palangiti at hindi maarte, (What I like about Marisa is that she’s friendly and easygoing. She’s a genuine woman who’s always smiling and isn’t picky.)” he added.

Marisa would visit Jojo in his workstation and the two became really good friends. They even went on trips together in Tagbilaran City, where they would spend the day walking and eating.

Eventually, the two fell in love and they cemented their relationship.

There was no escape from the judgement of others, but they brushed off their opinions.

Just like any other couples, Marisa and Jojo also face challenges in their relationship.

But despite everything, Marisa has already made her decision and isn’t keen on changing it.

“Pipiliin ko pa rin si Jojo, (I will always choose Jojo)” she said.

Getting through his appearance is just an extra wrapping that people need to get through to the present that is him.

The love story of Jojo and Marisa proves that inner beauty captivates the heart. –KMJS and GMA News

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