By Rey Anthony Chiu | 09:42 AM April 03, 2022

In the last ten days, Bohol’s vaccination accomplishment increased by 2.42%, an improvement translated to 1.07 over the 60.75% vaccination accomplishment pegged a week ago. 

But this nevertheless is still nine percent shy of the target 70% of priority individuals in the vaccination program master list here. 

This also means that vaccinating 61.82% of the target 1,106,084 eligible population in the list, Bohol is still way off from a potential consideration by the National Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Disease for a de-escalation of its Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Alert Level 2. 

In Bohol, the NTF has just downgraded the Alert level 2 for Tagbilaran City to Alert level 1 and consequently opens all city based business operations to full capacity. 

Comparatively, Bohol’s Alert Level 2 imposes some restrictions, which could still impact on its tourism industry. 

The Alert level 2 in Bohol allows 50% capacity for establishments offering services in indoor venues and 70% occupancy for outdoor venues. 

Like Alert Level 2 however, Tagbilaran City establishments are still bound to implement the minimum public health and safety protocols, but is freed from the inter and intrazonal travels of all, whether minor or individuals with comorbidities. 

A few weeks ago, the NTF and their Coordinated Efforts to Defeat the Pandemic program Team came to Bohol and stressed on Bohol’s ramping up on its vaccinations, especially for senior citizens, for the province to get a de-escalation. 

Business establishments badly affected by the series of unfortunate events beginning with the pandemic and the whiplash of typhoons and other calamities, have asked the government to allow them to open up their closed businesses in only to facilitate the island’s recovery. 

But the NTF, led by no less than the Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque and Vaccination Vice Chief implementer Vivencio Dizon impressed that the decision to de-escalate the alert status would be based on certain parameters. 

Other than a clear sign that the place has low to moderate risk of the disease, vaccination accomplishment on the general population and the senior citizens population have remained high on the consideration for down-rating. 

A low hospital bed occupancy of below 50% for the place to be considered is also among the factors that could sway the NTF and its teams to consider the down-grade. 

For the case of Bohol, since March 15, only some 9,988 Boholanos have been added to those vaccinated, by getting their first vaccine doses within the week. 

Another 17,595 Boholanos also got their second doses in the last ten days, adding to the increase in vaccination accomplishment. 

Some 3,554 have also received their booster shot, while Bohol is now also preparing to administer the second booster shot by next month. 

Over-all, in the last 10 days, some 34,140 Boholanos have been inoculated of either their first, second or booster shot. 

This gives Bohol vaccination teams a daily average of 3,4014 or some 71.125 individuals per town per day of vaccination. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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