By Rey Anthony Chiu | 04:22 PM October 11, 2021

Nearly 200 cyclists on upgraded mountain bikes and sleek road bikes weaved through the zigzag uphill climbs of the notorious Getafe-Danao national highway to stake their claims to supremacy as king of the mountains in this year’s Getafe MTb and Road Bike Challenge: Padyak Kontra sa Pandemya, October 10.

The races which operated on the condition that minimum health protocols against coronavirus disease are followed, opened for mountain bikes in the morning and road bikes in the afternoon.

A total of 128 mountain bike enthusiasts pitted themselves against the seemingly endless climbs that characterize about 70 to 80% of the entire race in the 7 race categories: 17 below, 18 to 24 years old, 25-35, 36 to 45, 46 and above, women’s and fun-ride categories.

The pandemic has opened up for people the inclination to bike and sweat it out in the countless trails and paved roads across Bohol.
Cycling, a non-contact sports, has earned the Inter Agency task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Disease nod, them knowing that sweating it out and outdoor exercises can bolster the body’s defenses against diseases and the pandemic, said Police Officer Adam Maglangit, race organizer.


Going off from a mass start at a kilometer from the Getafe town center on the highway to Danao, mountain cyclists sped off and then swerved off the highway to the trails, which bring them to the scenic ridges of the towns mountains, later to reemerge in the highway, then crossing the Getafe hills to Campao, and then taking the long climbs again to rejoin the Danao highway some 18 kilometers later.

In these mesmerizing views and the dimming vision brought by fatigue and endless pedaling, seasoned racers drop their lesser competitors off, from less than five kilometers into the race until they rejoin the highway to the sauntering climb to the finish.

The race leaders in each category had to be on their own or with their teams at their disposal, if only to assure of a podium.

After some nearly 60 kilometers of cross country biking, Kahlil Sanchez (Cebu) came in ahead in the under 17 years category, followed by Ryan Calipusan (Talibon) and John Coronel Tubiano (Tagbilaran City).

In the 18-24 years old category, Nicole Joshua Gambe (Sagbayan) crawled to the finish with John Mark Acman (Paseo de Loon/AIWA) on silver and Archie Enad (Sagbayan) picking strong the bronze.

In the 25 to 35 years old category, Nicho Lumay (Paseo de Loon) came ahead of Jeremiah Aguilo and Paul Karlo Cericos (Tagbilaran City).

In the 36 to 45 age group, Jessie Dongkey Sanchez (Cebu) spun to claim top podium, followed by Roger Toreon (Talibon) for silver and Niño Clifford Mellomida (Dagohoy) for the Bronze.

In the 46 and above, Getafe’s Freddie Perez picked gold, Aldrin Adora (Tagbilaran) for silver and Dennis Ugnasin for bronze.

For the women’s category, Vanessa Glee Torreon (Talibon) picked gold, Hanna Sweety Saniel (Sagbayan) silver and Elvira Pajo (Tagbilaran) for bronze.

The funride category had two bikers from Duero in the podium: Junjun Felisco and Arnold Zamora. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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