By Rey Anthony Chiu | 11:23 AM October 11, 2021

Make it official.

Amidst the uproar brought about by the financial investment fraud in Bohol which managed to ferret over P300 million from victims, a key national investigator hints: make it official.

Former National Bureau of Investigaton (NBI) Director and now San Miguel mayor Virgilio Mendez told victims of the ripa scam: file a complaint.

“To those who were victims of this RIPA SCAM. This is what you should do: Go to the nearest NBI office or the Philippine National Police (PNP) Criminal Investigation Detection Group and file your complaint in writing.

Mendez, who used to head the NBI as director, adds: victims must ask for a complaint form , read (it) carefully, cite the facts leading to the scam, put the dates and places when you transacted with anybody from the repa officers, staff or their representatives and submit certified zerox copy of any document to establish your transaction.

While the San Miguel mayor and topnotch lawyer investigator did not mention about immediate recovery of the investment, he stressed that complainants must keep the original documents for a start

Such should include of any document to establish the transaction like terms or agreements; deposit slips or money transfer transactions, identification cards or photos of the repa Officers (who dealt with you) and their office or online addesses.

He hinted that this makes the complaint official and allows these law enforcement agencies to initiate investigations and possibly start suits.

Over a month ago, a Boholano in Manila sounded the alarm about the repa scam, but was bashed for interfering in a livelibood of those who claimed to be just earning a living.

The whistle blower, Willy Ramasola was subject to vicious attacks for his alleged intrusion.

Days ago, when the repa scam, which has reached its saturation levels collapsed, hundreds of victims stormed Camp Dahohoy Bohol Police Headquarters, in the hope of pressuring the government law enforcers to arrest the suspects who were nowhere to be found.

In the midst of a pandemic that has already laid off several hundreds of workers making finances very low, the scam has become a double whammy for Boholanos.

The urgency to recover their conned investments has in fact pushed people at Camp Dagohoy to disregard personal safety by standing in the rain, shoulder to shoulder, raising problems in social distancing.

Lastly, while referring to viral transmission that can happen in shared implements, the former investigator advised everyone to keep safe, bring your own ballpen and wear mask all the time, as he hopes this helps the victims.

On Sunday, some victims went to see lawyer Jamie Rae Aumentado Villamor and Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado to ask for legal assistance.

Gov. Art Yap advised victims to go to Bohol Wisdom Gym on Monday morning for legal assistance from the provincial legal office. (rahc/pia-7/Bohol)

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