By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA Bohol | 09:47 PM June 07, 2021

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Image:CDC

June opened with three more coronavirus disease (Covid -19), bringing the total fatality count to 58, a year and two and a half months after Bohol tried to strengthen its borders in initial attempts to deny the entry of the fatal viral disease here.

The recent deaths, all recorded on June 1, also brings the total deaths due to Covid in 2021 to 41.

In 2020, beginning from the first Covid confirmed May 26, 2020 death of a senior citizen from Panggangan Island in Calape, the year ended with 17 Covid related deaths.

From May to December, the Covid deaths in 2020 averaged 1.7, which is way below the national and global monthly death figures.

With 2021, in the beginning quarter of the year, Bohol continued a relatively low fatality rate at 10 in the first three months. This averaged 3.3 monthly mortality rate, which is double the number of the 10-month period in 2020.

The prospects for a better future in the province’s fight against the virus started when the national vaccine roll-out started in Bohol last March 6, with medical front liners at the Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital getting their first jabs of the vaccines that need two shots for the person to get full protection against the virus.

In fact, medical experts said that the full protection against the viral disease does not magically happen overnight.

After the second dose, one needs to wait for the vaccine to be circulated and for the body to complete its fabrication of a stronger Covid-19 immune response, to be able to fight the entry of the virus.

This, they said would be about 14 days after the second dose.

The two vaccines that have been available in Bohol are Sinovac from China and AstraZeneca from the Great Britain.

Sinovac needs 28 days after the first dose before the second dose can be jabbed, while AstraZeneca needs as much as four to eight weeks after the first dose to be administered for its second dose.

When everyone thought the situation in Bohol would finally turn to the better, April however showed an alarming trend. April ended with the most death after a year and a month of COVID, at 13 deaths.

The same period too, the Provincial Vaccination team initially reported a high vaccination accomplishment for Priority Group A1 or those in the medical front lines, but towards the end of the month, with deliveries of vaccines getting unpredictable, Bohol records a dwindling accomplishment.

Many thought April’s deaths were a lesson for the Boholanos, and with May as fiesta month, it should be a showcase of discipline and adherence to the minimum health and safety protocols.

May however ended with 15 deaths, the 15th reported on the last day of May.

This makes the average monthly mortality rate in 2021 at 7 deaths.

By June, the month opened with three more deaths. By June 5 however, the figure stayed at 5 with no additional death reported.

By Saturday, June 5, Tagbilaran City has the most number of cases at 224, followed by Balilihan at 33 and Antequera at 30.

Catigbian slid to 4th with 26 as well as Maribojoc in a tie. Cortes ranked 5th with 24 cases and Panglao followed at 6th with 19, Baclayon at 16 and Calape and Dauis at 15 cases each. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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