By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA Bohol | 09:40 PM June 07, 2021

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is calling musical buffs to join in this yearโ€™s Duyog Para sa Kinaiyahan: An Environmental Jingle Making Contest open for all bonafide residents of Central Visayas.

What is really important is that participants must register through messaging DENR Central Visayas facebook page using the format: Complete Name:, Complete Address:, Age:, Sex:, Mobile Number, because the jingle making feat is good for only 15 entries, according to DENR Bohol Information Officer Venisse Shalome Molina, at the recent Kapihan sa PIA.

She said the jingle must be an original composition and must have not been used as entry in any song competitions, at least a minute and 3o0 seconds long but not over three minutes including intro and extro.

According to the DENR, the entry must be lively, creative, danceable and with an original melody, no explicit lyrics and includes in its lyrics the line: Bayanihan Para sa Kalikasan/ kalikopan, Central Visayas, and the words ikaw, ako and kita or tayo.

Entries could be in Cebuano Visayan, Tagalog, English or a combination of the three, the participants given the discretion to use any musical instrument as accompaniment, and be recorded in MP 4 format, emailed or submitted with the song lyrics to, or at the DENR Central Visayas FB page.

DENR also said entry introduction and explanation of the song is not necessary and would not be included in the song judging.
Criteria in the jingle making contest are Composition and includes catchy melody, lively music, rhythm and recall which is at 40%, Lyric Content which includes originality, clarity of message, language and phrasing at 35%, Creativity or the use of structure, instruments and vocals at 15% and Audience Impact which is over-all effect and impact including the most number of heart, like, wow and shares at 10%

Should the 15 spots not be filled, the last day for accepting entries is June 21, 2021, when, two days later, all entries would be posted in the DENR Central Visayas page.

This way, entries can earn support votes from friends, as every like, or heart reaction and share would boost the entries chances as part of the judging criteria. Start of the tabulation of entries likes, and shares is June 28 at exactly 10 AM.

Winners would be announced by posting on the EMB Region 7 facebook page by June 29, while a separate private message would reach the participants for their prizes.

Prizes include P10,000 for the Champion, P7,000 for the Second Placer, P5,000 for the Third Placer and P1,500 as entry consolation.

And like all contests, the organizers would claim full ownership if the submitted entries and these would be used in all DENR advocacy and related activities.

The 2021 Environmental Jingle Making Contest aid the DENR Environment Management Bureauโ€™s highlighting activity for the 2021 Environment Month in June. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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