By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 10:54 AM April 25, 2021
Quarantine control point area in Lila town.

With surging local transmission cases and hundreds of swab samples awaiting confirmation in Bohol’s local molecular laboratories, Lila town, in attempt to contain what could potentially explode into a local pandemic, issued Executive Order No. 8 series of 2021 implementing localized and granular lockdowns with corresponding quarantine buffer zones where specific quarantine measures are to be implemented.

Lila Mayor Arturo Jed Piollo cited the current surge of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the town in the past days, most of the cases clustered in one locality, leading to a local spike of 31 cases, comprising mostly of LGU employees who got the disease by local transmission.

To contain the further spread of the disease, detect its extent and treat the infected individuals, it is imperative to order the temporary lockdown of certain areas in the town with zoning containment provisions in line with the guidelines of the national Task Force against Covid-19, the mayor wrote in his executive order.

Temporary lockdown, the mayor said, is implemented in the critical zone of infection in Sitio San Antonio Poblacion, where a cluster of infections has been detected, and thus enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) would be imposed in this specific area.

As such, minimum health standards should be complied with at all times in this part of town for the duration of the ECQ.

Lila Mayor Arturo Jed Piollo

Here, houses of individuals infected with COVID-19 are placed under granular lockdown, and individuals living in identified houses are to remain inside, except in emergency medical and surgical procedures and treatments.

Here, entry of individuals is only allowed for government officials exercising essential functions, Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams, disaster personnel, contact tracing teams and the PNP are to assist in surveillance and case finding activities.
Barangay officials are also mandated to place signages, physical reminders, foot baths, hand washing stations and temporary control points in strategic locations and the PNP and army personnel to implement such orders.

Here too, households are on strict quarantine, the movement of people restricted only to accessing essential goods and services and for work as well as for activities allowed in this zone.

Persons below 18 and over 65 years old, those with comorbidity and other health risks, pregnant women, are required to stay at home, except when obtaining essential goods and services, while gatherings outside of homes are banned.

In fact, even home gatherings with any person outside of the household is banned, according to the Executive Order.

Gatherings however for essential provision of health services, governments services and humanitarian activities authorized by the appropriate government agency is allowed.

Priests and religious leaders may conduct religious services through online video transmission, they may be allowed to move for such purposes as immediate family members of those deceased, after sufficiently proving relationships may be allowed to attend wakes and interments but with observance to prescribed minimum health protocols.

Within 500 meters from the locked-down sitio, the designated containment zone is placed under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, where rules under MGCQ govern.

In these areas, establishments, when closed at ECQ areas, may be opened at 50% capacity, work from home and flexible work arrangements encouraged while total ban for live performances, recreational venues, amusement parks, outdoor and indoor sports courts, casinos, cockfighting and gaming establishments, indoor visitor attractions like libraries, outdoor tourist attractions, venues for meetings, personal care services and indoor dine-in services is implemented.

The EO also establishes a buffer zone after a kilometer from San Antonio, where general community quarantine is implemented.
Still banned to operate in this zone are entertainment venues with live performances, recreational venues, amusement parks, cockfighting operations, and outdoor sports courts.

Over all these, the mayor has instructed the municipal social welfare and development office to provide social interventions to people placed under quarantine. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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