Bat soup suspected as cause of Coronavirus

By J. Jala | 03:44 PM January 23, 2020

Photos of Wuhan locals eating bat soup have surfaced causing some to believe that this was the cause of the new coronavirus outbreak.

According to an article from DailyStarUK, experts published a paper to the China Science Bulletin that suggested bats could host the virus. However, this was all still under speculation.

Chinese scientists have blamed the deadly coronavirus on bats and pictures have emerged of Wuhan residents eating soup made from the animals, the paper added.

Bats, like many wild animals, could potentially host bacteria and viruses.

The virus outbreak in China had caused the government to order Wuhan to shutdown all outbound public transportation in Wuhan. Residents were also urged not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary.

China has confirmed over 500 cases of the disease in the country and has since quarantined Wuhan as the Coronavirus continues to spread.

It is not yet clear how the virus has spread between humans and bats but scientists believe “there may be an unknown intermediate”.

But Daily Star Online can reveal the “unknown” link may be be bat soup which is an unusual but widely consumed Chinese delicacy in the Wuhan province.

Footage of Wuhan resident eating bad soup went viral on social media earlier this week. In the video, you could see a girl eating a black bat with parts of the broth floating inside its stomach, along with its teeth.

In a statement released to the South China Morning Post scientists said: “The Wuhan coronavirus’ natural host could be bats … but between bats and humans there may be an unknown intermediate.”

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