‘Wolf Moon’ eclipse kicks off the first of 13 full moons in 2020

By J. Jala | 10:47 PM January 10, 2020
First Full Moon of 2020.

The first full moon of the year, also known as a “Wolf Moon” will coincide with a penumbral lunar eclipse later at 1 a.m. with a maximum eclipse at 3 in the morning wherein the moon is expected to turn dark red or orange.

Lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon. But a penumbral lunar eclipse is different from a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse on Friday will occur when the moon moves into Earth’s penumbra, or outer shadow. This causes the moon to look darker than normal.

During a total lunar eclipse, the change is more dramatic because the entire moon appears to be a deep red color.

The eclipse will last for about four hours.

The Farmers Almanac said that 2020 promises to be a stargazer’s treat, especially when it comes to full Moons.

“In 2020, we’ll have 13 full Moons, including 2 two Supermoons, and two full moons in one month—the second is known as a “Blue Moon.” And that occurs on Halloween, making it an even rarer occurrence!” it said.

Here are great photos of tonight’s full moon which is visible in Bohol.

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