PCG-7 rescues 4 fishermen after their boat capsized in Cebu

The Philippine Coast Guard in Central Visayas (PCG-7) rescued Four fishermen from Talisay City in Cebu after their boat capsized off the waters in Carcar City, southern Cebu.

According to Lt. Jr. Grade Michael John Encina, spokesman of (PCG-7), these fishermen were floating for four hours when BRP Suluan spotted them while conducting maritime patrol enroute to Cebu City.

The rescued fishermen were identified as Eric Campo, Hoven Gasalatan, Jonas Padillo, and Jaypee Gasalatan.

Photo and video courtesy of PCG-7

Based on the accounts of these fishermen, they were on their way to Bohol province to buy fish.

However at around 5 a.m. this morning, they met a small squall, a suddden gust of wind, that overturned their boat.

They were safely brought back to Cebu City after being treated on board the PCG vessel.

Photo and video courtesy of PCG-7

SPOT REPT: MRRV 4406 Rescued 4 fishermen

On or about 9:22am 27 Oct 2019 while conducting Maritime Patrol enroute to Cebu City at vicinity 9.2 NM EAST off Carcar Pt, Cebu MRRV 4406 sighted 4 persons onboard submerged mbca. Immediately, BRP Suluan manuevered towards the distressed motorbanca and found out that the four persons onboard were fishermen. Subsequently, said PCG Vessel conducted Rescue Operations and launched its speed boat to retrieve the distressed persons and brought them onboard. Afterwhich, coast Guard Speed boat returned to mbca to be retrieved by this unit.

on or about 1102H successfully conducted SAROPS at said vicinity with four rescued persons onboard namely;





All residents of Bgy Tanke, Talisay, Cebu. Likewise, successfully retrieved their motorbanca and is now towed towards Aduana Wharf.

Initial investigation revealed that they were enroute to Bohol to buy fish but encountered severe squall while in the middle of Cebu Strait at 05:00am this morning.

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