Boat runs aground in Camotes, 311 passengers safe

By Bohol Island News Staff | 12:43 PM October 27, 2019
Photo: Lieutenant First Grade Michael John Encina

CEBU CITY- All 311 passengers of Camotes-bound vessel were safely rescued after encountering problem a few minutes from docking point Sunday morning.

MV Mika Mari 3 of Jomalia Shipping was about to reach its destination in Consuelo port, San Francisco town, Camotes Island, Cebu when it encountered engine trouble at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

The incident was immediately attended to by Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) officers, which facilitated the rescue operation.

Lieutenant First Grade Michael John Encina, information officer of PCG Central Visayas said the auxiliary engine of MV Mika Mari 3 tripped causing the vessel to run aground, some 200 meters away from the Consuelo port.

The vessel departed at 5:30 a.m. from Danao City with 311passengers and 23 rolling cargoes, Encina continued.

All the passengers safely arrived at Consuelo Port after they were rescued.

Photo: Lieutenant First Grade Michael John Encina

PCG-7 immediately alerted its personnel that were stationed in the San Francisco town to conduct rescue operations.

Motorbancas were deployed to ferry the stranded passengers to the Consuelo port.

The ship captain of MV Mika 3 also managed to maneuver the vessel and dock at the Consuelo port an hour after it ran aground.

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