Food handling linked to Bohol 79 athletes ‘food poisoning’

By Ella Montalban, Bohol Island News Staff | Posted on Oct. 21, 10:10 p.m.

The food handling of the ingredients to the food served to student-athletes on Friday is eyed as possible cause of the alleged ‘food poisoning’ in Candijay town.

This was the observation pointed out by the teams from the local government unit of Candijay.

According to the official statement from Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) chief Jeryl Lumacang-Fuentes, those who fell ill were from Candijay, Alicia, Mabini, Anda and Guindulman (CAMAG) Team billeted at Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) Campus.

She said, although the municipality was the host to the event, the CAMAG kitchen was ran by Alicia District.

On Friday afternoon, the Candijay Emergency Rescue Unit (CERU) reported 8 cases of gastroenteritis secondary to food poisoning to MDRRMO.

They were complaining of stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea.

Fuentes then convened all LGU officials and task leaders and conducted investigation in the CAMAG kitchen.

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During the on-site inspection, they found out that the pork was not properly stored.

Dr. Alex Sumera, rural health unit officer and Candijay Community Hospital (CCH) head, immediately ordered meats and meat products to be thrown away as they were not properly stored and it might cause further poisoning in the next meal of the athletes.

Boiled egg and dried fish for breakfast were the only dishes Sumera approved to be served the following day.

He ordered kitchen personnel to sanitize their food preparation area.

Sumera assessed all athletes while CERU transported the athletes to Candijay Community Hospital who were showing signs of food poisoning.

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“The response mechanism of LGU Candijay was seamless. We were on top of the situation all throughout. It was made possible with the cooperation of Candijay Community Hospital headed by Doc Alex Sumera, Department of Education through Mrs. Maura Busano, and the various Task Groups of LGU Candijay headed by Hon. Mayor Christopher Tutor,” Fuentes said.

She said less than five hours since the on-site inspection of the CAMAG headquarters, the situation was under control by 12:40 a.m. on Saturday where all patients were given medications.

CCH recorded a total of 79 patients. One patient was brought to Teodoro B. Galagar District Hospital in Jagna town.

Only 12 patients were admitted at the hospital and were given intravenous fluids. They remain confined but are out of danger.

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