79 athletes down with ‘food poisoning’ in Candijay town

By Anne Deloso, contributor / 07:35 PM October 19, 2019
Contributed Photo.

A total of 79 athletes have sought treatment at the Candijay Community Hospital after experiencing stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting due to suspected ‘food poisoning’, believed to have been caused by “contaminated pork menudo” on Friday.

The athletes are part of the 3rd Congressional District Athletic Meet hosted by the Municipality of Candijay.

They started complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting after eating breakfast and lunch on Friday afternoon, October 18.

Photo: Kaliwat Andahanon Justice Seekers

They were brought to Candijay Community Hospital for treatment. Others were discharged Friday evening.

Some 15 patients remained confined at the hospitals in Candijay and Jagna.

Parents suspected they got sick after eating “contaminated pork menudo”.

Anthony Damalerio,Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, said the athletes are now out of danger.

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