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A 14-year-old student-athlete recalled eating “uncooked ham” mixed with vegetables that she believed was the cause of her alleged ‘food poisoning’ and the other 78 student-athletes on Friday.

Jane (real name withheld) said this was just one of the food served to them during breakfast and lunch while they were billeted in a school.

“Sari-sari man to nga utan gisagol ang ham nga wala naluto,” she told Bohol Island News (BIN).

According to Jane, they began complaining of severe stomach ache later in the afternoon. She said she also vomited.

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They were all brought to the hospital after that.

Parents also said their children started to manifest signs of illness on Friday afternoon.

The following morning, some were already vomiting and complained of having a stomach ache.

Parents said they suspected that the pork menudo was “contaminated”.

Other foods served to the student-athletes were chicken, vegetable and corned beef.

A parent also claimed that the area where the food handlers cooked the food was in an open space inside the school.

“Dapat nagluto sila dili sa hawanan. Labjanan pa jud. Open bisan kinsay manglabay,” said a parent who asked not to be named.

“Nisaway bitaw ko pagkakita nako ngano open sila nagluto sa mga sud an,” she added.

Jane got discharged from Candijay Community Hospital on Saturday. She said she still complains of a stomach ache but the pain is tolerable.

Others were discharged on Friday evening.

Some 15 patients remained confined at the hospitals in Candijay and Jagna, as of this writing.

Anthony Damalerio, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, said the athletes are now out of danger.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has yet to issue an official statement about this.

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