Outgoing House Speaker Arroyo makes “final sentimental journey” to Cebu

As part of her “final sentimental journey” to Cebu, former president and House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited various ports here on Monday.

Photo courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard Central Visayas

During her administration, Arroyo pushed for the establishment of a Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO) Transport System as a project designed to carry rolling stock cargo that does not require cranes for loading.

Thi was part of the 919-kilometer Strong Republic Nautical Highway that connected the major islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through an integrated network of highway and vehicular ferry routes.

Most of the ports she visited today were among the Ro-Ro projects established in Central Visayas.

Photo courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard Central Visayas

Among the ports she visited include that in Taloot, Argao; Liloan, Santander; and Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

The Philippine Coast Gurd in Central Visayas (PCG-7) provided maritime security during her visit.

Photo courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard Central Visayas

According to Lt. Jr. Grade Michael John Encina, PCG-7 spokesman, Arroyo lauded the maritime industry for its “unwavering support” in the implementation of the Ro-Ro projects.

The outgoing House Speaker also met with local officials in Argao town.

House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo together with outgoing Argao Mayor Stanley Caminero and Congressman Wilfredo Caminero. (Photo courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard Central Visayas)

During the dialogue, the progress of the Ro-Ro routes in Cebu province and 19 Missionary Routes were also discussed. //

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