Boholanos visit cemeteries for All Saints’ Day

By Helen Castano | 07:36 PM  November 1, 2023

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, Boholanos carrying flowers, candles and bags of food thronged cemeteries to pay their respects to dead loved ones on All Saints’ Day. 

Among the visitors at Dampas Cemetery was Remalyn Sarabia, 34, who visited the tomb of her parents to offer candles and a prayer.

“I want to visit them today because I have time,” she said.

But other residents preferred to visit the cemeteried at night time.

At Victoria Memorial Park and Taloto Cemetery people arrived at sunset.

“Init kaayo ganiha mao karun lang mi mingduaw,” said Cathy Zampanta who visited her loved ones at Taloto Cemetery.

Cemeteries will be closed at 10 p. m. No overnite is allowed.

Bohol Gov. Aris Aumentado encouraged Boholanos to have a meaningful observation of this year’s Undas break by “(reflecting) on everyone’s purpose” and to “remember the courage (of) saints and their dearly departed.”

” Ang ilang ehemplo maggiya unta kanato sa pagkinabuhi nga malinawon ug adunay paghigugma sa atong isigkataw maingon nga gihigugma nato ang atong Labaw’ng Makagagahom,” Aumentado said in his message for All Saints’ Day.

“Sa atong mga selebrasyon, ako kamo giawhag nga imintinar nato ang kahapsay sa atong palibot,” he added.

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