Cyclops skull in Bohol?

By Marisol Bo-oc | 02:00 PM August 05, 2023

Netizens were pleasantly surprised over a photo that circulated online showing a huge skull with a hole in the middle. They called it “cyclops skull.”

The “Fradaulent Archaeology Wall of Shame” posted that the “cyclops skull” was found in Bohol.

“They found a mysterious cyclops skull in a
Bohol Cave, Philippines. Studies revealed that the skull is about 10,000 years old and that it was a human of average height. He has a human shape, jaw and teeth, and everything about him is normal except for one singularity: a hole in the middle of his face, into which a huge eye fitted perfectly. This find is also striking because in the mythology of the peoples of that area there is a legend that there were Cyclops in ancient times, and when this skull was found it revived the belief that the story could be more than a legend.”

“This discovery was made known in the past year 2012 for the month of September and affirms that U.S. scientists in the region texas found some remains apparently of remarkably large humans
an unusual feature is that the part of the skull had only one basin for the eyeball as can be seen in the photograph.

“Researchers determined that this fossil is about 10,000 years old. Is this evidence that once on Earth there were cyclops-like beings narrating the legends and myths of different cultures around the world, for some it’s only evidence that beings from another world intervened in some way in our environment not however, there is also the possibility that it may be some kind of genetic deformation. This news seems to have ended there and remained as one more headline, since there are no more studies or publications, is it an attempt to hide the truth of this finding? or is it perhaps a montage well done to generate public speculation? on our part we’ll be attentive to any new developments regarding this case.”

It was a translation from a Spanish post of Harwi Arteaga Escritor.

Cyrus Lobrigas posted on Facebook about the skull.

“The majority of Boholanos I bet don’t know that a mysterious cyclops skull in a cave in #Bohol, #Philippines was found,” he shared.

He continued, “According to studies revealed that the skull is around 10,000 years old and that it was a human of average height. It has a human shape, jaw and teeth, everything about it is normal except for a singular singularity: a hole in the middle of the face, in which an enormous eye fits perfectly.”

However, the image of the cyclops skull was used by Ancient History in Nov. 2022.

“Skulls found in Indonesia with what appears to be a single hole in the middle of the skull. Was this a cyclops?,” it said in a caption.

Skulls of Deinotherium giganteum found at other sites show it to be more primitive, and the bulk a lot more vast, than today’s elephant, with an extremely large nasal opening in the center of the skull.

Was there a cyclops skull in Bohol?

An article from The Philippine Star in 2002 confirmed that a cyclops skull was found in a limestone cave in the hinterlands of Bohol.

However, the paper quoted Angel Bautista, a zooarcheologist of the National Museum, that “it belonged to an ordinary man buried in a limestone cave, not a one-eyed giant who, according to tribal folklore, once roamed the archipelago.”

The skull was returned to Bohol and reburied.

The Star said the National Museum refused requests to secure photographs of the strange skull.

In ancient Greece, Homer, in his epic tale of the trials and tribulations of Odysseus during his 10-year return trip from Troy to his homeland, tells of the traveler’s encounter with the cyclops. In the The Odyssey, he describes the Cyclops as a band of giant, one-eyed, man-eating shepherds. They lived on an island that Odysseus and some of his men visited in search of supplies. 

In Philippines, a tribal folklore, particularly in Mindanao, portray the one-eyed giants as half-man, half-beast with supernatural powers.

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