Danao celebrates 62nd birthday today

By Ric Obedencio | 08:36 AM July 09, 2023

The municipality of Danao, Bohol celebrates its 62nd birthday today (July 9) with an array of week-long activities with a thanksgiving in holy mass at six in the morning.

No less than Mayor Jose Gonzaga Cepedoza, together with other municipal officials and Vice-Mayor Albert Vitor, will lead the different programs and projects to give meaning the revelry.

During the program today, the vice-mayor will welcome the guests and visitors to be followed by delivery of messages by provincial Board Members Dr. Romulo Cepedoza, Atty. Tommy Abapo, Jr., Atty. Jiselle Rae Aumentado Villamor, Vierna Boniel Maglasang, Congresswoman Vanessa C. Aumentado, Vice-Gov. Dionisio Victor A. Balite and Gov. Aris C. Aumentado and a message of the mayor.

The week-long celebration started with thefun Run Dagon sa Hoyohoy, in honor of the elusive Francisco Sendrijas, alias “Dagohoy,” and followed by One Stop Shop on July 4 and 5, respectively.

To pay tribute to the farmers, the backbone of this town main industry, Agri-Fair is launched, mass ffeeding and Kasalan ny Bayan on July 6-8.

In a bid to recognize their contribution, the honoring of the retirees and Medical mission were held on July 7.

Groundbeaking and Blessing of the projects and Miss Danao Tourism on July 8 were part of the celebration.

Danao, then a barangay of Talibon town, was created by virtue of an executive Order No. 422 signed by then President Carlos Polestico Garcia and became a municiapality on July 9, sixty one years ago.

It is composed of the barangays of Danao (Poblacion), Remedios, Santo Nino, Santa Fe, San Miguel, San Carlos, Dagohoy, Hibale, Cantubod and Concepcion, all carved out from the old town of Talibon.

To complete its territorial jurisdiction, the barangays of San Roque (Tabok), Taming, Cabatuan, Magtangtang and Nahud, all from Inabanga town and barangays Anunciado from Carmen town were added.

The 17th barangay belonging to Danao today Carbon, according to the history.

The first town Mayor was Leopoldo P. Vitor, Sr. who is from Talibon, Vice-Mayor Jose Gonzaga (from Inabanga) and councilors Graciano Trazo and Espiridion Ausrestila (both from Talibon), Emilio Melencion and Pascual Sinsano (Inabanga) and the town secretary Pedro Torregosa (Inabanga).

During his time, Mayor Vitor opened up the roads to other towns, such the Danao-Getafe, Danao-Sagbayan, Danao-Mahayag, San Miguel and bridges to literally connect the town to other places.

The second mayor was Otelio Mutuc. It was during his time that the town started receiving a share of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA).

Then the management of the town was run by the third mayor Jose G. Cepedoza, who started to build infrastructure and launching the tourism thrusts.

He is followed by his cousin, the late Mayor Louis Thomas Gonzaga. Gonzaga who established what is now the Danao Adventure Park, harnessing the nature assets of the town as tourism come-on.

Gonzaga was followed by her mother Mayor Natividad REdulla Gonzaga, who also contributed the uplifting the livelihood for the people.

And, again, mayor Cepedoza got reelected on May 9, 2022 for his second term to complete an start building the projects mentioned earlier.

It will be recalled that the projects done after groundbreaking an inauguration last year’s foundation day are the following: (1.) Municipal Library- Poblacion, Danao; (2.) Repair/Improvement of Danao Municipal Building – Poblacion, Danao (3.) Municipal Laboratory Building – Poblacion, Danao; (4.) Danao Evacuation Center Phase 4; (5.) Construction of Danao Technological College Flag Pole – Poblacion, Danao; (6.) Danao BFP Fire Station – Poblacion, Danao; (7.) Construction of Danao Municipal Hall Annex Building – Poblacion, Danao; (8.) Construction of Danao Public Market – Poblacion, Danao; (9.) Construction of Barangay Health Station/Mental Health Facility – Poblacion, Danao; and (10.) Repair Improvement of Dap Cottage Skyride, Suislide, Zipline – Magtangtang, Danao.

These are being achieved, not only he works hard for them, but because of the officials with Vice-Mayor Al Vitor leading the Sangguniang Bayan members, the municipal employees and most of all the never-ending support of the people.

Cepedoza said that the people here remained resilient and have recovered from the onslaught of the pandemic and the super typhoon that hit Bohol on December 16, 2022.

The mayor reiterated his call for all the sectors for unity as always he thanked them for their cooperation to make what this town has become today.

Its famous Danao Adventures Park (DAP), where the eco-tourism attractions, like, zipline, giant swing are located, continues to draw tourists from afar and earns about P15 million a year. (rvo)

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