SP to regulate ‘eyesores,’ spaghetti-like cable wires

By Ric Obedencio | 10:15 PM April 10, 2023

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Bohol has eyed to regulate the installation of electric or cable wires/lines in the city and province and urged public utilities to put in order literally the so-called “spaghetti-look like” existing power lines.

The provincial board has approved on first reading the proposed “Ordinance Regulating and Monitoring the Installation and Maintenance of Distribution Lines of Various Public Utility Companies and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof.”

Provincial Board Member Aldner Damalerio, the proponent of the measure, preferred to call it as “The Anti-Dangling Wire Ordinance of the Province of Bohol.”.

The board member came up with the idea of such legislative proposal following his observation of the “intertwined” power lines hang in power posts in different towns.

In his privilege speech, Damalerio said, “Low hanging wires are particular problem and are known to cause damages to passing vehicles, traffic congestion, possible cause of fires, dangers to the passers-by, added weight to existing posts which in turn makes our public utilities and infrastructure vulnerable. Additionally, it is giving a lot of inconvenience to the general population.

“Without a clear policy on the installation and maintenance of these utility wires, these dangling wires will not only be a constant eyesore to the general public but also a danger awaiting to happen, he added based on the minutes of the regular session on March 21, 2023.

He stressed that not only utility companies catering to telco wires are required to straighten up their power lines (if the measure is approved) but also to electrical cords, cable TV wires, CCTV installations and street lights.

The matter is referred to the Public Utilities and Franchises committee of the provincial board which is expected to tackle it sooner.

There have been instances that low-lying cable/electric lines connecting to residences caused hazard an danger to the passing vehicles, particularly cargo ones.

In the city, not only the dangling electric/cable wires dominate the skyline but also plants grow in them as well. (rvo)

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