PRO7 Statement on the Tagging of Congressman Arnulfo Teves as Mastermind in the Killing of Governor Degamo by one of the Suspects Arrested

By PRO-7 | 05:38 PM | March 9, 2023

The declarations made publicly earlier by one of the suspects in Gov. Degamo’s killing were information that we already acquired from the moment we arrested the four suspects six hours from the incident. While we had these significant developments at hand at the early stage of the conduct of massive hot pursuit operations, we maintained that these be revealed in due time not to compromise the conduct of investigations.

Upon the completion of neccessary documents, we then turned over to the DOJ the suspects and the pieces of evidence as part of the process, with their extra-judicial confessions taken in accord with law.

When we forwarded the case for inquest, we have already the complete picture of what transpired before, during and after the incident, including the identities of the suspects, to include the mastermind. These have been the result of all the relentless operations conducted by our personnel on the ground immediately after the attack occured.

Currently, the prosecution of the case is under the control of the Department of Justice, after two of the suspects manifested their willingness to testify in court as state witnesses.

‘With the strong perseverance of PRO7 to solve the crime and our collaboration with other government agencies, we were successful in unmasking the perpetrators and mastermind in this unacceptable attack. We are likewise confident, that with the pieces of evidence at hand, all the persons involved in this killing will be properly prosecuted and justice served to the families’, PBGen Bearis said.

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