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The validation for the 17,000 households who would be the next beneficiaries of the 7-year Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) started this week as the government readies the replacement of those household beneficiaries who have graduated or have been delisted from the 77,510 households who were identified beneficiaries in Bohol in the 2010 list.

From the 77,510 beneficiaries in 2010, the government has already scrapped the 15,166 beneficiaries for some good and not so good reasons.

For the good reasons, about 505 households have been found by validation teams to be self-sufficient enough after a decade of help.

Another 158 households have already acquired regular income to afford them buying power after getting help from the program and still another 510 household beneficiaries have graciously waived their rights to allow other needy households to get into the government’s flagship poverty reduction program reported Department of Social Welfare and Development 4Ps Cluster 2 supervisor Ma. Charo Poligrates.

Moreover, she said the DSWD found that 4,808 households have shown disinterest in the program for not updating their 4Ps membership, possibly not anymore keen on the help, that they were delisted.

Also, another 181 household beneficiaries have been disqualified from the program after years as the family has already graduates who can potentially find work while another household beneficiary in Bohol as delisted for misbehavior.

As the 4Ps comes with conditionalities that beneficiaries have to abide by, another 30 households were also scrapped from the list for persistent non-compliance, she added.

While the DSWD is still continuing to clean up the list of beneficiaries from the 2010 list, and while families are graduating from the program after their kids have finished school, the DSWD in Bohol sees some 17,299 new beneficiaries that they are getting from the posted list of potential beneficiaries which people can check in their barangays.

Those in the list are still potential beneficiaries, and some of them may not be included in this year’s considering that the prioritization goes to the household which is in more serious need of intervention, according to the DSWD.

To get to the final list, the DSWD is conducting validation through general assemblies which would be dome in coordination with the local government units, and an onsite validation by the DSWD validating team.

This list would also be given to the municipal validation team, so as to make sure that the help gets to where it is needed the most.

For this, the flagship government poverty reduction program sought to improve the health, education and nutrition of the country’s human investments has asked those in the list to attend the general assemblies and bring with them proofs of their identity, to advance their chances into getting educational, health and social assistance through the government’s cash grants.

As the cash grant gives a household a chance to get P700 for a student in the senior high, P500 for a student in junior high and P300 for a pupil in the elementary and preschool, the household leader has to present to the validation team at the assembly his marriage certificate or barangay certification attesting to his cohabitation and his family, birth certificates of kids, school certificates of enrollment for the kids covered by the program and barangay health certificate.

Aside from the educational grant, 4Ps beneficiaries can get P750 for complete attendance to the Family Development Sessions and another P600 for rice subsidy.

These cash grants however could only be claimed after the beneficiaries comply with the conditions of the cash grant.

The 4Ps conditions include regular prenatal and post natal check-ups for pregnant and birthing mothers, regular health services availment and check-up for 0-5 year old in the household, deworming for 1-14 years old members of the household, attendance to early child care and development in care centers, attendance of 85% of classes including the 85% attendance of kids in the 5-18 years in school classes plus regular attendance to the FDS. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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