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On her first visit here and already finding it such a beautiful place with so much to do and so many wonderful things to see, British Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency Laure Bueafils sees it beneficial for Bohol to bank on its edge in the global tourism market.

Speaking during an intimate media conference at the Amarela Resort, November 4, Ambassador Beaufils, who had an extensive knowledge of the Asian region and its vast potential for culture and heritage tourism suggested Bohol to capitalize on its being a destination for sustainable tourism.

By this she suggest the local government to come out with an accreditation of sorts for resorts, hotels, restaurants and tourism establishments as a demonstration that they meet a certain criteria or standard to merit the seal of approval.

She said so as she believes international tourists think about the environment and its sustainability when they make choices on where to go on holidays.

To her, the certification should actually meet those criteria and that should go for the establishment’s investment on environment protection, that they do not use toxic products, that they do not throw their wastes on open landfills and clean and alternative energy use and the like.

The ambassador’s idea however has been thought of in Bohol.
In the past administration, Capitol then issued enabling mechanisms for the granting of the Ultimate Bohol Experience (UBE) seal for tourism establishments.

Then Governor Arthur Yap, upon opening Bohol to bubble tourism implemented for “all tourism establishments that wish to reopen to secure an UBE seal on top of the Department of Tourism (DOT) accreditation.”

The seal would be given to establishments who comply with the provincial solid waste management requirement for tourism establishments, the smart determination of its carrying capacity and the use of renewable energy or energy conservation measures are in place as well.

The UBE seal however, even if it was in principle perfect for Bohol, could not be judiciously implemented.

It was also in that same administration that allowed the high rise buildings which were in contravention of the environmental management of Panglao beaches; the establishment of mass tourism sites that bluntly affect the environmental carrying capacity, the building of man-made structures in contrast with the natural outdoor experience which Bohol laid its tourism development plans. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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