By Rey Anthony Chiu | 11:11 AM September 03, 2022

Parents who worry about their children coming home late at night after class because there are not many rides available, can rest now.

“One Loay jeepneys” would be there to sweep Loay students stranded in agreed terminals and pick up stations and give them free rides home.

In fact, they may even get the best deal as parents too can save about a hundred pesos a day in fares, as the local government unit of Loay offers Libreng Sakay free rides on One Loay jeepneys.

Moreover, those listed beneficiaries are placed in a group insurance, for better protection from accidents and even death, Loay Mayor and lawyer Hilario Ayuban said.

Public transport, when available demands from Loay passengers some P40.00 for the 23 kilometers to Tagbilaran City.

And from the terminal, students spend at least P15 more to get to their schools, that is at least P100 a day, not counting the food and other incidental expenses a student would be spending, points out the mayor, in an interview recently.

Meanwhile, students from the town, who are studying in nearby towns of Lila, Loboc and Alburquerque face the same problem every day: there are less jeepneys to get them to school in time.

Lila and Loboc routes are notoriously underserved by public transport.

The problem even escalates when school hours end at 5:00.

Students take time to catch a ride, Loay students studying in Lila National High School and Holy Rosary Academy have to walk from the Poblacion to Barangay Macalingan, along the highway, just to be assured of a space in whatever public transport is available from the east, Lila residents observed.

“Mag-ilog intawon sa sakyanan,” the mayor candidly said.

Loay trips from Tagbilaran City also stop at 8:00 and anybody getting to the terminal beyond that, would have to fight for a seat in whatever is available, the lawyer mayor also shared.

Students with night classes can sometimes arrive home at 10:00 PM, if they can find a ride, the Mayor noted.

“To remedy the situation, through regular procurement, we bought 4 Armak jeepneys, one that meets our specifications for the Libreng Sakay,” he said as a matter of fact.

The four jeepney units with a capacity of 25 passengers each, is still not enough, that the mayor said they have realigned a mulled van purchase so they could get 2 more by the end of the year.

Another 2 more jeepneys would be in the annual procurement plan for next year, the mayor continued.

During the initial meeting of parents and students last week, 688 college students reportedly were listed beneficiaries.

They also agreed on the pick up and drop off points, and introduced the drivers for the free ride units.

Loay students in Lila schools also numbered 492.

Owing to the huge number of students needing the help and the few One Loay jeepneys available yet, the local chief executive said they have devised a system to prioritize the service for college students after 8 p.m. and early morning.

But he quickly added that he does not expect all students from high school to college could be adequately served with only 25 seats available per trip.

He assured however that the procurement continues until they can get 10 jeepneys for their students.

“In the meantime, we would like to ask for understanding and cooperation from the students and parents, we just cant serve every body as yet, and not every time the student goes to school and comes home, he can avail of the free rides, considering there are only 4 jeepneys now,” he pleaded. (RAHC/PIA-7/Bohol)

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