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In what he called sincere gratitude and untiring support of Trinidad town to Bohol’s over-all development thrusts and initiatives in agri-fishery, Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado rewards the town in the mulled establishment of the cluster Drying Facility and Machinery Shed house for Machineries and Post-harvest Facility for Cassava and Corn Program in Bohol

Announced by no less than Trinidad Mayor Atty. Roberto C. Cajes while speaking during the culmination program celebrating the town’s 75th founding anniversary at the municipal grounds in Guinobatan, the good news also had people excited over the governor’s foundation anniversary gift of the town.

Speaking before a mammoth crowd of Trinidadnons witnessing the annual Drum and Lyre Exhibition on the last day of the 3 day Foundation festivities, the mayor showed the governor’s letter and shared to the town the governor’s plan for Trinidad.

“While we are advocating for agriculture to be at the forefront of our efforts towards economic recovery, as well as in sustaining increased food production for food security, we are to revolutionize our provincial corn and cassava industry by investing on the significant areas of the corn and cassava program farm mechanization,” he read from the governor’s letter which the mayor received Sept 1, Trinidad foundation day.

As to the plan, the governor told Mayor Cajes that with Trinidad’s acceptance of the plan, which is to make it the center of the clustered area for cassava and corn.

For this, the Provincial Government through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist is establishing a corn and cassava drying facility here plus a machinery shed house.

The machinery shed house would hold the combine corn harvester, brand new movable trailer, mounted mechanical drier, portable feed mill , 120 hp tractor and its accessories , cassava chipper, cassava uprooter, cassava drierand machineries to cover the clustered areas of Dagohoy and san Miguel.

The project would be advantageous to corn and cassava farmers, especially in the production aspect, the governor in his letter to Cajes bared.

Bohol would need from Trinidad a lot measuring at least 2000 square meters for the machinery shed house and the drying facility.

The said lot could be used for a 15 year usufruct or a memorandum of agreement, or that both parties agree to a deed of donation.

Meanwhile, whlle introducing the governor who was to speak during the culmination program, Cajes pointed out that as a congressman, Aumentado also lobbied for the P69 million flood control project for Ipil River.

He said that the project would also provide a venue for a decent line of stalls where the town market’s carinderias would be placed.

He added that by next year, the town’s restaurants would already be located there. (RAHC/PIA-7/Bohol)

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