Hidden by engkantos? Missing man in Cortes found alive after 3-day search

By Marisol Bo-oc, Helen Castano | 11:25 AM August 28, 2022

A 78-year-old man from Cortes town who had been missing for three days was found alive Saturday afternoon (Aug. 27), according to Cortes Police Station.

Bernardo “Narding” Concon was reported missing on Wednesday (Aug. 27) after last being seen attending a burial of his friend, Police Chief Master Sergeant Danilo Balane, deputy chief of Cortes Police Station, said.

At around 3 p.m. on Saturday, he was found in a swamp in Barangay Malayo, a kilometer from his residence in Barangay Salvador.

One of the volunteers who found Concon said he saw some crabs in the area. When he was about to catch the crab, he saw some footprints that eventually led to the location of the old man in the swamp.

Concon was evaluated by emergency medical services and taken to the hospital, according to police. He had no signs of dehydration but he had minor cuts and bruises in his leg.

Concon has a history of dementia, according to police. An alert was issued when it was determined he was missing.

However, residents believed otherwise. They said Concon was hidden or disoriented by engkantos (supernatural beings).

Family, relatives and other volunteers who joined the search and rescue operation offered “basaw,” food and prayers at exactly 4 p. m. Interestingly, they finally found Concon after an hour.

Police said a woman was also missing for days but found alive in the same area.

“The rumors and stories, both this man and woman last year, reflect an innate desire to find explanations for the inexplicable. But for a century and beyond, these area more than most places have held their secrets tightly,” a post from Cortes Police Station read.

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