By Rey Anthony Chiu | 01:23 PM August 14, 2022

“Akong giawhag ang atong mga kaigsoonan, atong menos-menosan ang pagkagahi’g ulo,” appealed Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital medical chief Dr. Mutya Kismet Macuno, to senior citizens and Boholanos who refuse to be vaccinated against Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Macuno came to the Capitol Reports, a weekly program institutionalized recently under Gov. Aristotle Aumentado, cited a hospital census on patients that show the non-vaccinated as those who get critically ill or severely ill of the disease that has since killed 693 Boholanos since May 2020.

But since the vaccination against the disease started to build up in Bohol from March 2021 to present, “we have shifted from a very critical level in the response of Covid 19 critical situation,” to admit more non-Covid patients.

This has been what Boholanos see as an acceptable response especially with Alert Level 1 declared over Tagbilaran City, where the hospital is.

She recalled that there was a time when the hospital, a dedicated to Covid response was to allot 85% of its bed capacity to Covid patients and allow only 15% bed occupancy for non-Covid

And then, when the vaccination operations broadened the protection and cases started to dwindle, the hospital reverted occupancy to 15% for Covid and 85% non Covid, as she hinted the effect of the vaccines.

Recently however, when the Covid Omicron sub-strain Centaurus came, the hospital has to allow 30% for its beds for Covid patients again, leaving the 70% for non Covid, she told media at the press conference.

Although she said the government tertiary hospital has an allocation for its Medical Assistance Emergency Funds to help indigents in their Covid treatment, the doctor bared treating critical to severe Covid is expensive.

“Mahal and tambal [alang niining nga stages sa Covid],” she pointed out that at least they would need P300K, to treat critical and severe Covid cases.

Of the hospital’s socio civic funds of P300M, around 10,754 patients have been assisted, treated and released from confinement, he said.

And of the P67M medical assistance finds, around 8000 patients have been assisted, she continued.

She also hinted that, if one is vaccinated, even if one gets infected with Covid, it may manifest as with moderate symptoms of the patient comes out asymptomatic and does not even need hospital care.

What could be worse is that even if the patient is already given the costly medicines, he can still die, confesses a physician who has been unduly exposed to the virus in the frontline operations, but has survived.

Frontline medical and associated staff were among the first priority for the government’s free vaccination, to amply protect them from the viral disease.

For those senior citizens who may have a death wish, refusing to get vaccinated is not just doing so for their fears, she hinted.

“Think, not just of yourselves, but of your family,”Macuno suggested.

She also announced Gallares’ taking to the task of picking the presidential mandate of achieving 50% of senior citizens population vaccinated and 90% of individuals getting the booster shots by October when President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., completes his forst 100 days in office. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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