By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 11:54 PM April 04, 2021

Believe it or not, a year and half a month after Bohol took drastic measures against the spread of the corona virus disease (Covid-19) by closing its borders to stop the disease from getting in, 28 Boholano lives have been lost, and eleven of them in 2021.

2020 closed with 17 deaths, the last one registered in the closing days of December and involved a patient from Candijay.

By the start of 2021, January ended with two Covid-19 related deaths, while February started with a peculiar case of a 3-day old infant which became Bohol’s 20th Covid death, followed by two more deaths by the end of the month.

By March of this year, the 23rd Covid casualty was a female firefighter from Maribojoc, followed by the 24th case which involved the case of a cultural minority from the badjao community in Dauis, who died last March 20.

By the following day, another death was recorded, Bohol’s 25th case.

The 26th death from Covid in Bohol was a 64 years old from Tagbilaran City, while later in the same day, the 27th case was noted and this involved a 34 years old male inmate from the Bohol District Jail.

Jail authorities however said the inmate first tested negative for Covid when he arrived at the hospital for a confinement due to cough. The patient stayed at the hospital for a few days and when he dies, he was retested, the results came out positive.

Last April 2, the BIATF again reported the 28th case, but no data was available as of press time.

The deaths in the new year 2021 represent about 39 % of all cases, from Bohol’s first Covid death which was recorded in May 26, 2020 with the septuagenarian from Panggangan Island of Calape, Bohol.

The latest death was recorded April 2, 2021, according to Bohol Inter Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, in its Covid Daily Monitoring.
Of the 11 cases of death in 2021, 10 cases of COVID-19 casualties were recorded from January to March while the first week of April found fresh casualty.

The death cases italicize the need for Boholanos to be more alert, not to let their guards down even with the vaccination now ongoing for the medical front-liners and priority sectors.

Owing to the novel characteristics of the virus, even with the vaccine giving the body a boosted protection, the World Health Organization authorities still insist for people to continue practicing the minimum health protocols.

While the Covid vaccines help protect the body from a more severe attack, it would take one more than 21 days to get the second dose and complete the body protection.

And as to how long would the protection last, health authorities looking into the medical trials said with the vaccine needed as soon as possible, the medical trials did not have the luxury of seeing the length of effective protection the vaccine can give.
Continue wearing your face masks, face shield and keep the habit to disinfect and wash hands all the time while practicing social distancing, reminds BIATF spokesperson Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez.

It was in March 16, 2020 when local officials decided to close Bohol’s borders to entering visitors and even locals, to make sure that the virus which has started to affect Cebu, could not cross to the island province.

Local authorities then feared that by allowing the entry of outsiders and returning residents, they could inadvertently bring in the virus and start local transmission, one that Bohol is not equipped to respond.

But, owing to the right of people to go home to their abodes, the government could not stop people from homing, that regulations have to be implemented to assure the safety of Bohol and the return of Boholano residents.

After a series of executive orders which Governor Arthur Yap put up as safety measures for Boholanos and as an assurance that the ones arriving could not start the contamination, which health professionals based here in the island admit they are ill-prepared to face disease that has the potential to start a local pandemic.

By March 16, 2021, Bohol has since seen 22 deaths.

While in 2020, Bohol has attained an average of 1.8 deaths per month, while the information as to how deadly the disease is has hardly reached the grassroots.
Communities in Bohol have still reported many residents who do not wear face masks, or practice physical distancing, even with the 22 deaths. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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