By Helen Castaño |12:28 AM April 28, 2022

A 30-year-old Austrian who was in Bohol for a honeymoon died after a bridge collapsed into a river in Loay town on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

The bridge collapsed as several vehicles- six four wheels, three tricycles, one dumptruck and two motorbikes were crossing, the local authorities said.

“There are four casualities and 20 survivors,” Anthony Damalerio, the provincial disaster risk reduction officer, told Bohol Island News late on Wednesday.

The body of Austrian national identified as Michael Ouschan was found in the river around 9 p. m. He and his wife Julia were in Bohol for a honeymoon.

Damalerio said the search and retrieval operation was stopped due to strong currents.

Loay Mayor Lahar Ayuban Jr said it was a sad day for Bohol.

We are SAD to inform the public that at 4:18 pm, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Loay Clarin bridge collapsed.

As of 8:00 pm:

The Casualties:

  1. Michael Ouschan – Austrian National
  2. Arniel Cilos – Bingag, Dauis, Bohol
  3. Emilia A. Gemina – Villalimpia, Loay
  4. Epifhany C. Onada – Tagbilaran City

The Survivors:

  1. Hazel Avelez – Pateros
  2. Jopol Ancheta – Cavite
  3. Ralph Esma – Cebu City
  4. Dionesia Laolao – Panglao
  5. Luz Laolao – Panglao
  6. Louella Mercado – Alegria Sur, Loay
  7. Ronald Jesus Cruz Rojas – Canmanico, Valencia
  8. Alvin Acorda – Poblacion Ibabao, Loay
  9. Gerry Rellita – Catagbacan, Loon
  10. Julia Ouschan – Austria
  11. Digna Solis – Alegria Sur, Loay
  12. Alberto Manuel Dela Serna – Tagbilaran City
  13. Gian Arlo Gagni – Tagbilaran City
  14. Gemma De La Cruz – Bingag, Dauis
  15. Bonifacio Mefania – Bingag, Dauis
  16. Ian Aba-a – Concepcion, Loay
  17. Mariana Ysabelle Gemena – Villalimpia, Loay
  18. Junryle Malig-on – Albur
  19. Milanio Caberte Jr. – Agape, Loboc
  20. Samson Caberte – Agape, Loboc

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