BLCI alerts power consumers of possible spike in next bill

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:52 PM January 09, 2022

Watch out for that electrifyingly shocking news.

Consumers who are the envy of others when they bask in comfort having their electricity utility service back, may be in for a big shock.

Bohol Light Company Incorporated (BLCI), the Tagbilaran City power utility provider has asked consumers to be ready to be shocked with the next month’s bill.

Already partially reenergized, portions of Bohol served by BLCI service areas as well as portions of service areas of Bohol Electric Cooperatives I and II (BOHECO I and II) are now using temporary sources of electricity.

Supplying Bohol’s need is the 32 Megawatts (MW) published capacity of Salcon Power Corporation’s Power Barge 104 now anchored in Tapal Ubay, and the recommissioned Bohol Diesel Power Plant in Dampas District in Tagbilaran, with an installed capapaciyy of 17.5 MW.

Both power sources however use the more expensive diesel, compared to the cheap geothermal energy supply from Leyte.

Considering that both power plants generate power using diesel, which is costly, it will have an impact on the generation charge, advises BLCI, in a statement issued January 8.

Generation charge is a pass-through charge included and to be passed on to consumers in thwir monthly bills of an electric distribution utility.

At least two National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) special towers which bring the power from Leyte via submarine cables to Carlos P. Garcia island to mainland Bohol are still a heap of metal.

This hapened after the storm collapsed the towers which pass the 80 MW of power from Popoo in Carlos P. Garcia across the channel to Tapal in Ubay.

The NGCP, in earlier statements said it would take them two more months at least to reerect the special towers that could bring back the energy supply to Bohol.

Now, standby power comes from Salcon Power Corporation’s Power barge 104 and the recommissioned Bohol Diesel Power Plant in Dampas District.

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