Davao motocross riders shred TAPP enduro trail

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 10:40 AM December 10, 2021

A team from Davao City throttled to superiority in the dizzying downhills and muscle cramping assaults generously spacing the treacherous and gut wrenching The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) Enduro Trail Challenge 2021, December 6, 2021.

Sporting 327 A to C stickers in their 2-stroke Yamaha DT in steroids, Exequiel Calvario, Nilo Mutoc and Angelo Ayenza completed the entire trail course that brought dirt bike riders from The Farm to insane drops and almost vertical climbs in cogon grass covered hills of Cambaol, to the peaks of The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) in Alicia town in 56:41:28.

Not to be left out in their backyard playground, Boholano riders also showed true grit through Ubay’s Martin Cagande, Philip Bernan and Dondon on stickers number 307 A-C by finishing the course in 1:09:45.

The third three-man team to finish the loop was Dagohoy’s Christian Mara, Glen Francisco and Dante Palacio on motorcycles with sticker numbers 309 A-C finishing at 1:14:40.

“The three man team were picked on time runs, from the team release until the last man crosses the finish line,” explains Alicia Mayor Victoriano Torres, who has picked to include the Enduro Trail Challenge in the 2021 Alicia TAPP Trail Challenge top-billed by a 5 kilometer and 10 kilometers trail run challenge.

“Even if one of your team members finishes the loop in so short a time, what counts is the time the last man in the team finishes, so it is always useful if you go as a team and help each other get past the difficult sections, so you will have at least two team members who will help you pull your bike, or do some minor repairs when it stalls,” Mayor Torres added.

The second enduro trail challenge opened by the town in time of the pandemic, this race which features an even more daring descent from the TAPP, a trail that plunges 60 to 65 degrees in some sections, and ascents that not only tests the braaping racing machine but also the guts of the rider.

In the five-man team, locals shredded the trails in Jagna’s Jeffrey Montejo, Jerold Cagas, Joemar Gales, Analito Madejanon and Drimon Baja whose last man crossed the finish line 1:40:05. This team had 506 A-E stickers.

Coming in second was a team from Dauis with stickers 505 A-E composed of JM Tubaon, Dave Abuloc, Norman Vale, Ariel Tocmo and Roy Espinosa finishing in 1:48:12.

On their wakes was Candijay’s riders with 504 A-E on their motorcycles.

Cyril Ray Oray, Cyrus Kyle Oray, Rowel Autor, Loloy Autor and JayR Taray finished in 2:01:14.

The race organizers also opened a solo category, where riders who comprised the teams earlier were given chances of going through the course again, this time with the clouds dangerously looming, a rain threatening to make the trails impossible to maneuver.

Everything is clean fun, the mayor said, and the local organizers assisted by the Bohol East Trail Bikers reported no serious injuries despite the very tough trails. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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