Tagbilaran, 10 towns reach 100%+ NVD vaccine target

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 09:14 PM December 03, 2021

Vaccination teams from ten towns and Tagbilaran City delivered more than they committed for the three days of National Vaccination Days (NVD), November 29 to December 1, 2021, adding some 31,770 first dose jabs.

The figures however still could not drag Bohol’s vaccination accomplishment for the three days over the threshold as committed, as some of the towns accomplished below 50% of their targets.

Bohol committed to inoculate 167,457 individuals of the 239,224 which was initially the 3-day NVD target, according to the Bohol Inter Agency task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases Strategic Communications cluster, in its December 3 report.

Team Tagbilaran City under Mayor John Geesnell Yap II vaccinated twice as much as their committed NVD target of 4,856 when they reached 7,662 individuals given the first dose during the three days of vaccination operations, accomplishing 203%.

The original 3-day NVD target for the city was 6938, and was reduced to a daily target of 1619.

Jagna, under Mayor Joseph Rañola on the other hand under committed to vaccinate 3,138 residents for the three days and instead got to 4,606 individuals covering some 146.80% accomplishment for the 3-day NVD.

Originally Jagna had 4428 NVD target and was reduced to 1046 daily target for the three days.

The vax team of Duero, under Mayor Conrada Amparo committed to vaccinate 2,162 residents but got to 3,026 residents, exceeding their target by 33% or accomplishing 133% for the 3-days operation.

Initially, the NVD target for Duero was 2162 but this was lessened to a daily target of 721 jabs.

On the other hand, Sevilla team led by Mayor Juliet Dano showed force and resolve when they committed to inoculate 1017 and accomplished 1260 instead for a 123% vax rating.

The landlocked town was originally set to get 1017 individuals vaccinated but was reduced to 1017.

Sikatuna team with mayor Justiniana Ellorimo committed to get to 692 residents and inoculated 854 residents to earn a 123.38% vaccination rating for the NVD.

Sikatuna had to get to 989, but this was reduced to 692.

Loay team, under Mayor Hilario Ayuban committed to vaccinate 1,590 residents and accomplished 1899 to earn for them a rating of 119.43%.

From 2272, Loay committed to 1590.

Alicia vax team led by Mayor Victoriano Torres committed to get to 3343 individuals for the 3-days vaccine operation and hit 3,962 instead for the seventh place in Bohol with 118.52%.

From originally 4475 residents for the jabs, Alicia committed to 3343 or a daily target of 1114.

Alburquerque team with Mayor Don Ritchie Buates, committed to 1301 and accomplished 1476 for a 113.47% accomplishment. Albur committed to 1372 from the 1858 NVD original target.

Loboc vaccination team under Mayor Leon Calipusan had to get to 1372 as 3 day target and accomplished 1538 to earn some 112.13% vaccination rate.

From 1959, Loboc was set for an NVD target of 1969 but this was reduced to a daily target of 457.

Team Dimiao under Mayor Randolph Ang said they can get to 1641 and proved they still can get more with 1,664 getting 102.1% accomplishment. Dimiao was to hit 3529 but this was cut to a 547 daily vaccination target.

Last on the list of towns attaining over 100% in their vaccination targets is Bilar vaccination team led by mayor Manuel Jayectin which committed to 2241 residents to be jabbed and hit the 2246 individuals for a 100.22%.

Bilar was set to hit 3202 individuals with the vaccine shots but settled for a 747 daily target. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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