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The Bohol for Leni–Robredo People’s Council opened its Volunteer Center on the ground floor of the Balili Heritage House on December 1.

This is yet another chapter in the Balili house’s nearly century-old story, as it continues to bear witness to the changing social, political, and economic landscape of Tagbilaran and beyond.

Members of Bohol for Leni – currently composed of 23 sectoral groups and 38 city/municipal associations – gathered to affirm the coalition’s commitment to support the candidacies of Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Kiko Pangilinan for president and vice president.

Joan Llanos, of Atbang’s Bolhigh for Leni and the co-lead coordinator of the Bohol for Leni Ground Organizing Committee, expressed optimism at the campaign’s growing number of supporters among Boholanos. Atbang’s Bolhigh for Leni runs the Lugaw Trike and is one of the most active local kakampink volunteer groups embodying Robredo-Pangilinan’s grassroots-driven campaign.

Bohol for Leni is just one of the many grassroots networks joining Robredo-Pangilinan’s people’s campaign where volunteers freely and wholeheartedly share their time, talents, and resources; embodying ‘radical love’, active citizenship, transparency, accountability, and other kakampink values inspired by Robredo’s servant-leadership.

Bohol for Leni has been active since before the Robredo-Pangilinan tandem declared their candidacy, and was launched on August 29 to join the nationwide call for the former to run for the presidency.

Since then, Bohol for Leni has participated in nationwide Robredo-Pangilinan parallel campaign activities, such as the Pink Caravan in October, and most recently, National Lugaw Day on November 20, where volunteers, steaming bowls of lugaw and/or binignit in hand, connected with 36 communities in 29 municipalities (including Tagbilaran City).

Local initiatives of Bohol for Leni’s many volunteer groups include regular palugaw, bayanihan and other #HelpLikeLeni events, community murals, community conversations, and other active citizenship initiatives.

Along with the inauguration of the Volunteer Center, Bohol for Leni is also revving for Pink Pasko, a nationwide initiative that hopes to manifest the spirit of Christmas in all its community actions and bring the message that Filipino lives will sparkle with Leni and Kiko leading.

Festooned with luminous pink parols and just the right mood lighting befitting heritage houses, Bohol for Leni’s ‘new’ home, like its many volunteers, has taken its share of beating, but its heart’s still beating – and now, ready and raring for a pink win for the nation.

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