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A Bohol native who have raised the bar of excellence in her field is this yearโ€™s one of the country’s oustanding police.

Lt. Col. Maribel Getigan is adjudged as one of the 10 Outstanding Policewoman of the Philippiness (TOPWP).

Getigan, 49, is a native of President Carlos P. Garcia, Bohol.

Getigan began her career as a teacher but the calling to serve and protect was stronger than the comforts that she felt as a teacher.

In 1997 she entered the police service as a non-commissioned officer but it seemed that destiny required much more.

In 1998, she entered the Philippine National Police Academy as a cadet and later graduated with Bachelor of Science in Public Safety in 2000.

On August 9, 2017, Getigan received the award for the Best Regional Human Rights Desk during the 116th Police Service Anniversary.

When she assumed as the chief of police of Danao City Police Station on January 1, 2019, she led the unit with utmost dedication and sheer leadership, daring to face the challenges in law enforcement head-on.

She followed the directive of the PNP leadership whose core program advocated the eradication of illegal drugs, intensified anti-criminality police operations, sustained internal cleansing and anti-corruption measures.

As the chief of police of Danao City Police Station, Getigan proved that crime does not pay and any trespass on the peopleโ€™s peace will be dealt by the full force of the law. Her tenacity and focus led to the success of many of her operations. Not only did she solve the murders that happened before her tenure, she also made sure that Bueno brothers will no longer be able to victimize women.

Getigan is making breakthroughs in positions in the police force is not the height of her success; it is having a nourished a family, her husband Susano and her three sons, Niel Mawan, Neil Nathan and Neil John, that are God-centered, responsible, talented and law-abiding individuals.

Perhaps, there is one thing is common about Maribel, like many mothers and police officers, it is having this family that keeps her motivated every day to dare the life of service as a police officer.

Getigan’s accomplishment in the field of police operations, administration and as a mother is the definition of a true woman whose leadership and dedication to duty and country are worthy of recognition and emulation.

She is a reflective of the dedication of police officers to their job which allows them to be pillars in the community they serve in, offering protection so that their fellowmen can fully embrace life.

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